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Anaesthetic ARCP Checklist 2021 Curriculum

The National ARCP Checklist for Anaesthesia published by the RCoA is available HERE

Intensive Care Medicine ARCP Checklist (new curriculum)

ICM ARCP checklist 

This is for all ICM Trainees whether they are Single Stream or Dual. The New Curriculum ICM checklist can also be found on the ICM pages. It is the checklist for the ICM component of your training year. If you are a Dual ICM trainee you may well have a "non-ICM" component to your ARCP, and this may require an additional checklist (e.g. the Anaesthesia one above).

ACCS Year 1 + 2 ARCP Checklist
Academic Trainee Progress report

Academic Trainee Progress Report

Academic trainees are expected to submit this report as part of the ARCP process.

Anaesthetic ARCP Checklist (Old 2010 Curriculum)

Trainees who are remaining on the 2010 curriculum should use the pre-Covid National ARCP checklist which can be found here 

Guidance for transitioning between 2010 and 2021 Curricula

Guidance for ARCP requirements during the transition between the 2010 and 2021 curricula can be found here

Any queries, please see the comprehensive advice on the RCoA Training Hub or speak to your college tutor, TPD or HoS.