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‘Navigating the new curriculum together’ 

In this section there is some general information about the new curriculum, some links to other useful resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found in the blue boxes at the bottom of this page. These have been compiled by Y&H Anaesthesia Trainees and will hopefully answer many of your questions; they have been divided up according to training year.


New FRCA and FICM curricula were introduced in August 2021 following the publication by the GMC of ‘Excellence by design: standards for postgraduate curricula’ in 2017. Here they state that training in medical specialties fulfills certain criteria:

Curricula must introduce Generic Professional Capabilities

Curricula must be structured round a limited number of ‘specialty learning outcomes’ - activities that describe the work of an independent clinician in each particular discipline

Each college must demonstrate stakeholder involvement in developing their curriculum

Assessment burden to be reduced and a ‘tick-box’ approach avoided.

Despite the guidance from the Colleges there will be inevitable questions during the implementation of the new curriculum, particularly for those half way through their training, as well as dual trainees. We have therefore tried to answer commonly asked questions that have arisen locally, based on the stage of training below, as well as summarising the new assessment structure and sharing useful resources. We have also added some links, including the college's FAQ page.

The ultimate aim of this document is to create a local guide for all involved in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine training in The Yorkshire and the Humber; trainees, educational supervisors and college tutors alike.

We hope we have created a simple reference document to review on demand, the Y&H School of Anaesthesia’s expectations of training and assessment in our region as we navigate the new  RCoA curriculum together.

We hope it helps,

The New RCoA Curriculum FAQ Y&H Team!


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