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This page contains the nationally approved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for England aligned to the principles of A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Foundation and Specialty Training in the UK’ (‘the Gold Guide’) and A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Dental Core and Specialty Training’ (‘The Dental Gold Guide’).

The nationally approved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be found here, our local SOPs are based on the national guidance.

From 2022 onwards the policies delivered in Yorkshire and Humber have been ratified by the SOP Development and Delivery Group, the group consists of Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs), faculty and members of the Training Programme Management Team. The Group has undergone a large piece of work updating our local SOPs to align with the Gold Guide (medical edition and dental edition) and national SOPs, we will upload them to this section of the website and collate all new SOPs here for easy access. 

Although this a continuous cycle of improvement the first few ratified SOPs will be uploaded by 1st March and we will continue to add new or updated SOPs, after discussion and approval at the SOP Group, to the website going forward. We hope this helps support you by knowing where all the SOPs are and is transparent.  

If you are a member of the faculty or Learner Education Provider and wish to access our policies and information on our Trainer Resources site, please contact your Programme Support Team to request access, contact us.

Please contact if you are unable to find a particular policy.