Today’s medicine, in all its various specialities, requires modern, accurate and dynamic pathology. The School of Pathology was created in 2010 in order to deliver a streamlined, vital and efficient training platform for all trainees to develop the appropriate specialist skills in their areas of chosen practice.

The School covers chemical pathology, medical microbiology, virology and histopathology. Within chemical pathology there is also the specialised area of metabolic medicine. Virology and infectious disease may interface with medical microbiology. Histopathology incorporates subspecialty training in paediatric pathology, forensic pathology, cytology and other sub-disciplines. 

The School of Pathology is present throughout the region covered by Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber, covering a very large area and delivering care to the population of approximately 5.5 million. Training activity is delivered at the teaching hospitals in Sheffield, Leeds and Hull interlinking with many district hospitals providing high quality platforms for education. The range of practice at district general and teaching hospital is guaranteed to stimulate trainees, with centres of training excellence throughout.

Training and the educational environment is centred upon trainees, aiming to deliver the trainee an appropriate educational vehicle for development to consultant-level skills and the ability to develop further. The School of Pathology aims to provide the best vehicle for trainee progress possible, and has a very good record in terms of exam passes, consultant placement and onward development.  It is gratifying to note that the majority of trainees opt to stay within the region, following completion of the training programme, emphasising the quality of work/life balance that exists.

Any specific queries about the training described in the site are recommended to be directed to the Training Programme Directors (TPD), or myself.  If you wish to speak with any current trainees, then this can also be arranged.

Living in Yorkshire and Humber brings many benefits, with vibrant city life, affordable housing, good communications and breathtaking countryside.  There are good connections to other parts of the UK by road, rail, air and sea.  The population is renowned for its individual character and friendly demeanour.

It is hoped you find Yorkshire and Humber the ideal place to train and live to the full!
Dr Daniel Scott
Head of School