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Induction Activities

The following information lets you know what to expect from your induction programme once you arrive in the region. We also recommend that you look at further supportive information contained on our Resources and Useful Links webpage. We also advise you to download the Health Toolbox app to help you with familiarisation of your first placement site.

Specialty Induction Events

The Specialty School (e.g., Medicine, GP, Foundation etc.) that you are aligned to will contact you ahead of your arrival to confirm your local induction arrangements. This will include a generalised induction to your School and may also include a specific induction event for International Medical Graduates. They will also provide you with a named contact for support within the School. Attendance at your Specialty Induction is essential preparation and you will be expected to provide proof of attendance in your training portfolio.

Don’t worry if your Speciality School does not provide a dedicated induction event for IMGs, you will be able to find all of the supporting information you need on these webpages, especially on the Resources and Useful Links webpage.

Trust Induction Events

The Trust in which you are due to work will also contact you ahead of your arrival and they will provide you with details of your Trust’s induction, which you are expected to attend to familiarise yourself with local policies and procedures. Attendance at your Trust induction is a mandatory requirement.

WelcomInG Form

The WelcomInG Form should be completed by you and your Clinical or Educational Supervisor at your first meeting. It helps your Supervisor to understand your cultural background and upbringing, the medical training you have completed so far and the clinical skills that you need to work on. In turn, this helps you, as your supervisor will understand your unique situation better and, through a needs analysis, they will be able to provide you with the support you need for clinical and non-clinical needs.

NHS Induction for IMGs

The NHS Induction Programme for IMGs is an e-learning module, developed in partnership with NHS England and Improvement, is aimed at IMGs who are new to UK practice.

By completing the session, learners will:

  • discover the information, resources and support IMGs can expect their employing Trust to offer them and their families before and after they arrive in the UK
  • reflect on potential challenges for a doctor moving into a new linguistic, cultural and professional environment
  • reflect on personal and professional learning needs and identify ways to meet these
  • locate additional learning resources 

Please note: you will not be able to create an account to access the module until you have received your NHS email address.

Welcome to UK Practice Workshop

The General Medical Council run a free online workshop designed to support doctors new to the UK, regardless of experience.

Centre for International Medical Graduates Induction Programme

The Centre for International Medical Graduates is an organisation that offers courses and coaching for IMGs to support your transition to living and working in the UK, including a comprehensive free Induction to the NHS Programme.