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Stages of Training.

The Anaesthetic Curriculum is divided up into three stages of training:

  • Stage 1 CT1-3 (ACCS 1-4) 
  • Stage 2 ST4 & ST5
  • Stage 3 ST6 & 7

Each stage of training requires the completion of 14 Domains of Learning (7 Generic Professional Domains and 7 Specialty-specific domains. Details can be found on the RCoA Website 

In order to complete a Domain, a trainee must demonstrate that they have achieved a number of High Level Learning Outcomes which are the essential techniques, skills and knowledge that are needed in an anaesthetist.

Trainees must be familiar with the High Level Learning Outcomes for each module for their Stage of Training.

In order to demonstrate that a Learning Outcome has been achieved, the trainee must collect evidence of their competence. This is the backbone of a “competency-based” training scheme. This evidence consists of

  1. Logbook/Diary of activity /Reflections to show clinical and non-clinical experience.
  2. Evidence of Supervised Learning Events.
  3. Feedback from consultant trainers 
  4. Multi-source feedback

Once a trainee has collected the evidence for a particular domain of  training they will need to submit a HALO form to their Educational or Clinical supervisor.



Stage 1
Stage 1 begins with the Initial Assessment of Competence and requires acquisition of EPAs 1&2 usually during the first 3-6 months of starting anaesthesia.
More detail can be found in the RCoA Novice Guide and EPA Workbook.
Full information for Stage 1 can be found here.
Stage 2
This comprises ST4&5.
Full information for Stage 2 can be found here
Stage 3

This comprises ST5&6.

Full information for Stage 2 can be found here.


Special Interest Areas

Specialist Interest Areas are undertaken in Stage 3.