Regional Teaching, Courses and Study Leave

The School of anaesthesia is committed to delivering the CCT curriculum set by the Royal college of anaesthetistsknowledge_skills_behaviours.png

The vast majority of your training in Anaesthesia will be undertaken during clinical placements and “hands-on” exposure to the craft of Anaesthesia. The Anaesthetic Curriculum is “competency-based” and progression is directed, evidenced and assessed by complettion of Supervised Learning Events, Multi-source feedback, Consultant feedback and a log of activity both clinical and non-clinical in the Lifelong Learning Platform. Information regarding assessment tools can be found HERE
However, there are aspects of your training that cannot be delivered purely by exposure and practice, for example exam preparation or because they are likely to be encountered infrequently during clinical practice (e.g. awake fibreoptic intubation). In addition, there are "Novice" courses provided by each Trust to help get new anaesthetists "up-to-speed", local and regional educational programmes designed to help trainee stay up to date, and National Life Support Courses. This section focuses on the resources available through the Yorkshire School of Anaesthesia designed to complement your competency based training.

Each of the three training programmes in Yorkshire and the Humber offers a wide variety of teaching sessions/courses aimed at both core and specialist trainees. In general, (with the exception of one or two of the exam courses) teaching sessions are not restricted to each locality and so, for example, a trainee in the West could attend a simulation session in the South as long as there are places available. 


Please note, the HEE policy on Curriculum delivery (Study Leave), including how to apply for it and request reimbursement is available on the generic HEE pages HERE


This section is divided up into the following broad topics: