Support for Neurodivergence

We are working to develop support and a suite of resources for postgraduate doctors and dentists in training who are, or believe they may be, neurodivergent. This webpage will continue to be populated as these resources are created. 

Neurodiversity and Me

NHSE Yorkshire and Humber have a procured a ten-module personal development course called 'Neurodiversity and Me' from Genius Within.

Accessible to both trainers and postgraduate doctors and dentists in training, each module is informed by research that has identified neurodiverse strengths and challenges in clinical settings. 

The course will support you to identify what it is like to be at your best more of time, consider preventative models and strategies to meet your workplace and study needs, and encourage you to reflect on your own personal experiences to leverage your strengths. 

The focus of each module is provided below:

  • Wellbeing and stress management
  • Managing fatigue and burnout
  • Achieving proactive communication
  • Planning and prioritising work and education commitments
  • Planning revision
  • Memory and recalling information
  • Concentration and focusing
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Building reflective learning
  • Building confidence, supporting motivation and meeting professional goals. 

Whether you choose to access the full course, or dip into those modules which are best suited to you, we hope you find the resource valuable. 

How to access the course

The course is hosted on our virtual learning platform, Blackboard.

Please read our guidance on how to access the neurodiversity and me course for specific instructions.