Revalidation and the Form R


The Form R has 2 components:

Part A  will only be completed upon initial registration for a training programme.
Health Education England is using a new digital Form R (Part A) (a fillable PDF), which requires a Digital ID/Signature (download the Form R to your computer and complete using Acrobat Reader).
Guidance on completion of Form R and creating a Digital ID


Part B must be completed ahead of your ARCP each year. Please note that it is the sole responsibility of the trainee to complete and submit a Form R (Part B) to both LLP and Programme Support.
The Form R (Part B) currently in use is a Word document with an optional Covid addendum. The Covid addendum should be completed to inform the reviewing panel, HEE and your ES if the Covid Pandemic has affected your training. If no addendum is submitted the panel cannot take Pandemic disruption into consideration and award a 10.1 or 10.2 outcome. Please ensure you sign the declaration on the last page. 

Please note: opening the Form R (Part B) in Pages for Mac, will cause the Word Document to lose important formatting (check boxes).
If you do not have access to Microsoft Word, a free-to-use online version is available at the following link:

A new online (self service) version of the Form R is going through beta testing and will be rolled out to all schools from early 2023.