Focused Ultrasound in Intensive Care (FUSIC)

Focused ultrasound is now becoming an essential part of ICU training. Yorkshire hosts local FUSIC courses and most hospitals now have mentors. The Yorkshire FUSIC (formally FICE) course has been running since 2016 and uses faculty from across the Yorkshire Deanery, including intensivists, cardiac physiologists and medical consultants.

The courses have received excellent feedback and covers the principles of ultrasound, cardiac physiology, image acquisition and interpretation. Each candidate scans at least 4 volunteers and will have 2 to 3 signed off logbook scans at the end of the course. There is also a comprehensive handbook and link to online resources.

The course is supported by mentors around the region and the intention is that this number will grow as more people gain accreditation. Please see below for a list of mentors.

MY FUSIC (Heart)
Education Centre, Pinderfields, Wakefield
Saturday, 20 May 2023


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MY FUSIC Heart (FICE) Course
Trust HQ & Education Centre, Pinderfields, Wakefield
Saturday, 8 October 2022

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FUSIC (Formerly FICE) Mentors across Yorkshire


Dr Simon ChauDr Steven Lobaz


Dr Tom Lawton (FUSIC Heart)
Dr Pete Hart (Heart & Lung)
Dr Omar Jundi (FUSIC Heart)


Dr Padmakumar, Euan Mackay

Grimsby Dr Mitra, Dr Balerdee


Dr David Earl


Dr Rigg


Dr James Beck, Dr Andrew Breen, Dr Matthew PowellDr James Sira


Dr Katy Shuker


Dr Sladkowski


Dr Kris Bauchmuller, Dr Cruikshanks, Dr Rosser, Dr Parnell, Dr Marko


Dr Raj Sandhu, Dr Brendan Sloan, Mrs Deborah Wilson


Dr Redman, Dr Ferguson, Dr Chamberlain, Dr Oliver Prince