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Welcome to the Yorkshire and Humber School of Intensive Care Medicine site.

Intensive Care Medicine is a rapidly evolving speciality and we are fortunate, in this region, to a host vast range of training opportunities.

We welcome trainees from any of our partner dual specialities, Anaesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Acute Medicine, Respiratory and Renal Medicine. Training can be undertaken as part of a dual programme or as single-stream Intensive Care. Training can also be undertaken on a LTFT basis

Obviously, Yorkshire and The Humber is a large Geographical Deanery and whilst this affords huge opportunities for the breadth of training, we always work with the trainees to design appropriate training programmes, with flexibility to ensure excellent and enjoyable training. The Training Programme Director (TPD) will work with you to ensure you have the best opportunities. We have three medical schools in the region, three Adult Major Trauma centres and two Paediatric Major Trauma centres. Tertiary services are available throughout the different major centres.

The regional burns centre is in Pinderfields. Transplant services are available in Leeds. We utilise 8 centres for stage 3 training, to enable trainees to experience large tertiary centre Intensive Care Medicine and life as an Intensivist in a large District General Hospital.

Every trainee, whatever their background, will have the opportunity to work in at least 2 of the tertiary centres.

Intensive Care training is currently undertaken in 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: Your core training in whatever base speciality will count toward Stage 1 and we will then arrange the additional aspects according to your training needs.
  • Stage 2: Special skills year and Specialist Intensive Care placements covering Neuro, Cardiac and Paediatric Intensive Care.
  • Stage 3: Your final year of training in specific Stage 3 accredited units. We are fortunate in this area to have 8 Stage 3 units so can offer a varied and enjoyable year of training.


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