Workforce Planning & Intelligence

The Workforce Planning and Intelligence team supplies information and intelligence around workforce transformation, education commissioning and performance across Yorkshire, the Humber and the North.  We hold and provide intelligence on the current and future workforce, including assessment of current trends and risk, vacancy levels, turnover, retirement figures, trainee data, participation rates and future requirements. This includes both the Acute, Primary and Social Care. 

We provide workforce intelligence and information to help support investment decisions, trainee programme management, recruitment, quality assurance, commissioning and contracts management. We work closely with the performance and business support team to provide performance reporting against the Mandate deliverables set out by the Department for Health.

We use several systems to enable us to produce various reports which include:

  • Trainee Information System (TIS)
  • Electronic Staff Records (ESR)
  • GP Primary Care Tool
  • National Tool for Apprenticeships (NAM)

2018 saw the launch of HEE’s new database Trainee Information System (TIS) to replace Intrepid v10. It is a national initiative to develop information systems for the management and administration of trainees and learners. TIS holds the data relevant to the education and training of our trainees, which includes junior doctors, dental and public health (medical and non-medical) trainees. It has been developed nationally with input from all HEE teams that are involved in the management of trainees with the aim of improving data quality and reporting in relation to the information stored about trainees.