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2021 Curriculum assessment structure

New names have appeared on the LLP. Some simply replace old assessments, whilst others are completely new. It is important to distinguish between Formative and Summative assessments. Here is a summary of the various learning tools:

Formative Assessments

Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) replace WBAs and include A-CEX, DOPS, ALMAT, CBD and A-QIPAT.

The new A-QIPAT (Anaesthesia Quality Improvement Project Assessment Tool) is a formative assessment for QI projects

Multisource feedback (MSF)

Summative Assessments

Holistic Assessments of Learning Outcomes (HALOs) replace CUT forms

A HALO is required for every Domain (7 Generic Professional Domains and 7 Specialty Specific (Clinical) Domains by the end of each Stage of training.

Each HALO will require the assessor to consider a range of evidence in order to decide if a trainee meets the Key Capabilities for that Domain. Evidence may include

  • Clinical experience and logbook data
  • Non-clinical experience related to that domain
  • Multiple Trainer Report (see below)
  • Triple C form (see below)
  • SLEs
  • MSF

Triple C Forms (Completion of Capability Cluster)

These will need to be done in order to enable the HALOs for Perioperative Medicine and Health Promotion and General Anaesthesia to be completed. The Triple C is like a mini-HALO and the assessor for that sub-specialty will require similar evidence as that required for a HALO

Triple C forms will need to be completed as follows

Stage 1 : Obstetrics and Paediatrics

Stage 2 : Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Cardiac and Neuro

Stage 3 : Obstetrics and Paediatrics

Multiple Trainer Reports (MTR) replace consultant feedback. Who triggers these will depend upon local arrangements and could be the college tutor, educational supervisor, clinical supervisor or module supervisor/HALO lead. There is likely to be variation between trusts and localities and there is potential for some confusion. MTRs must have a minimum of three respondents. This will hopefully become clearer as the curriculum becomes embedded. In the first instance, seek advice from your college tutor .

Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA)

EPAs 1&2 are required for the IAC

EPAs 3&4 are required for the IACOA

These are summative assessments requiring a range of evidence including SLEs and an MTR.

Link to the RCoA Assessment Guidance