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Yorkshire and Humber

Trainee's Responsibilities

As a trainee on the Yorkshire & Humber School of Anaesthesia rotation there are a few bits and pieces that you should be aware of, in terms of your responsibilties to the programme. These are discussed briefly below.

Personal Sickness Record

If you need help and support with ill health then please see the "Health, Stress and Wellbeing" section HERE

Each Trust will have its own sickness policy which you should check for details. However, it they usually take the form of the following requirements: In the case of absence due to sickness for three days or more a self certification form must be sent within the first 7 days of absence to the Medical Personnel Department in your employing trust. In the case of absence due to sickness for more than 7 consecutive days a Doctors Certificate must be sent to the Medical Personnel Department in your employing trust. Upon return, trainees may have to have a return to work or "fit note" meeting, often with their ES.

Any absences from training i.e., sickness, industrial action, parental leave etc. should be reported on the Form R  (Part B) in the Time Out of Training (TOOT) section. Absences of 14 dayes or more should be reported to the Deanery via the Programme Support team.

Trainees unable to attend placements due to sickness, or who have an illness that is likely to be greater than 1 week (e.g. fracture, operation, etc) should inform their local College Tutor and Educational supervisor at the earliest opportunity and estimate length of absence. Please also let your TPD know of any periods off sick so that, if required, they can adjust your ARCP and rotation accordingly.


Change Of Personal Details

It is essential that the school maintains up to date contact information for all trainees. If there are any changes to this information (address, email, contact details) during your training please contact the Programme Support staff in order that school records may be updated.