Future Leaders Programme.

Investing in leaders of the future - empowering trainees to make a difference now

Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber (HEE YH) is passionate about leadership.  The Future Leaders Programme offers opportunities for HEE YH trainees to do a one year “out of programme experience” (OOPE) Clinical Leadership Fellowship to help grow and develop their personal leadership skills.

thumb_dsc_0114_0.jpgThe Future Leaders Programme enables the Clinical Leadership Fellows to:

  • Gain practical and academic experience in clinical leadership from local experts in the field.
  • Build a network of expert contacts with medical and NHS management leaders.
  • Enhance skills and competencies that are essential for future medical leaders.
  • Develop competencies relevant to the domains defined in the Healthcare Leadership Model.
  • Develop and deliver a specialty or management driven project that is relevant to the specific needs of the NHS.
  • Undertake a one year postgraduate qualification e.g. in leadership or medical education.


The Clinical Leadership Fellows come from a wide variety of specialties.  Fellowships are available in a number of areas from education and simulation, to patient safety and quality improvement.  The fellowships are based both within the LETB and in hospitals within our region.  Fellows take on live projects, typically one year in length, and are responsible for their design and development under the supervision of an experienced clinical leader.

The Clinical Leadership Fellows meet regularly and also organise their own annual Future Leaders Conference.  The Fellows also have access to a variety of development opportunities e.g. Myers Briggs Type Indicator feedback, 360 appraisal, coaching, participation in an Action Learning Set, project planning teaching, presentation skills workshops.

“Good leadership is essential for patient safety, and for improved patient experience and outcome. It does not come about because of some happy accident; good leadership needs to be grown and developed. Health Education England – Yorkshire and the Humber has chosen to invest in the next generation of leaders by creating these fellowship opportunities. This is an investment in future patient outcomes and quality of care”.

Dr Susy Stirling, Associate Postgraduate Dean & Future Leaders Programme Lead


SuppoRTT: Supported Return To Training

For all Trainee doctors how are currently out of programme, please take some time to look over our SuppoRTT Webpage. Here you can find relevant guidence to assist with your return to training along with events and educational days you can chose to attend.