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Some of the information on this page may be out of date. For the most update to date information on the LTFT process please follow the link

Trainees who are Less Than Full time (LTFT)

LTFT training in anaesthesia & ICM is becoming more popular and following a successful pilot in EM, any trainee is now eligible to apply. Previously LTFT training was open to trainees with chronic health conditions, who had carer roles or unique opportunities for personal/professional development for example. Occupational Health review is essential if LTFT training is for health reasons

The Gold Guide outlines the underlying principles of LTFT training: ‘those in LTFT training must meet the same requirements in specialty and general practice training as those in full-time training, from which it will differ only in the possibility of limiting participation in medical activities by the number of hours worked per week’ (pp30-34)

Training for ESs of LTFT trainees

There is an excellent e-learning package for ESs of LTFT trainees which takes 20-25mins on e-lfh

Detailed information about LTFT training in anaesthesia is on the RCoA website & covers all aspects of applying for and managing trainees who wish to be LTFT.  ‘Less than full time training. A guide for training programme directors in anaesthesia and ICM’.

Applying for LTFT training

If your trainee wishes to apply for LTFT training, full details, FAQs and application forms are here Administration of an application can take up to 3 months.

A flowchart of the process is available from HEYH

RCoA recommends that CTs complete the IAC at full-time.

The  most common percentages of LTFT training is 60% and 80%

Practicalities of LTFT training

  • Rotas: Trainees need to be directed to HR to arrange work schedules & finalise rota templates which will be checked for compliance. AL and SL is prorata. If your trainee has a course on a LTFT non-working day, this can be claimed as a lieu day. LTFT trainees can do locums
  • ARCPs: Annually for all LTFT trainees regardless of percentage, as for FT trainees
  • Covid 19 - Guidance on management of LTFT trainees and supporting the Covid 19 response
  • LTFT following period of absence: Guidance as for trainees RTT (SuppoRTT) KIT & SPLIT days can be arranged during the period of absence
  • Support for LTFT trainees. AAGBI has a wealth of useful resources for trainers & trainees including rota template design. There is also a trainee LTFT group run by STC Rep