Welcome to the Yorkshire and Humber Trainee Forum

The influential voice for trainees:  Ensuring postgraduate doctors & dentists in training in the YH region are fairly, equitably and transparently represented.
We aim to drive improvements in quality of education and training, well-being and support.



We are now accepting applications of interest to the Wider Trainee Forum. Please join us and get your voice heard! Application forms are in the documents section below.

There will be upcoming Executive Trainee Forum vacancies in the upcoming weeks - WATCH THIS SPACE




The YH Trainee Forum was created in 2020 and provides a platform for all postgraduate doctors and dentists in training  in the Yorkshire and Humber region to offer feedback, share ideas for ways to improve training, and raise any concerns regarding the quality of their education, training and experience in the region.

The Forum's purpose is to promote excellent training, enhance recruitment and retention and improve the postgraduate doctor and dentist in training experience for all. The Forum is chaired and run by trainees in direct contact with the YH Postgraduate Dean and the Deanery team. 

The YH Trainee Forum is structured with an Executive and Wider Forum (see below) who work together collaboratively to drive improvements in quality of education and training, well-being, and support.  




Meetings for the Trainee Executive Forum run on a monthly basis. Meetings for the Wider Trainee Forum run on a quarterly basis. The upcoming meeting dates are:

August 31st 1-4pm
Nov 30th 9-12pm
Feb 22nd 9-12pm

Getting involved is a springboard to other exciting opportunities on other committees, as well as creating change, meeting new people, and enhancing management and leadership skills.




Everyone is welcome! However, there are some responsibilities of the role. Please refer to the Job Description for information regarding expectations.  

Applications are on a non - competitive basis, but we are looking for enthusiastic individuals, with a passion for improving experience for trainees across the region.

Please see the tab 'Join the... WIDER FORUM' and click the links below in documents for details on how to apply to the Wider Forum, and a description of the role. 



There will be several upcoming vacancies in August on the Executive Forum. Information will be provided HERE when applications are opening.

Please see the tabs and documents section below for more information about the Executive Forum 



If yes, please complete the questionnaire, linked HERE

As the Trainee Forum, we want to act as a bridge between postgraduate doctors and dentists in training and HEE management. The questionnaire responses will get checked on a regular basis, and we will try to answer on a bi-monthly basis. Responses will be answered and uploaded onto the website. Please note if you wish to remain anonymous it may affect our ability to answer a query fully. 


Contact InformationIf you would like to join the Trainee Forum, or would like more information, to raise an issue or add an agenda item to the next Executive or Wider Forum meeting, please email us at: traineeforum.yh@hee.nhs.uk



Meet The Trainee Executive Forum Members

Emma Howe - Chair of the Forum 



Hi, I’m Emma. I am currently on an OOPE as a Future Leaders Programme Fellow, with my background being in O&G (ST5). I am proud of my Yorkshire roots and have remained close to home throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate training in South Yorkshire. 

My role this next year is focused around growing and developing trainee engagement in HEE in Yorkshire & the Humber. As chair of the trainee forum, I am keen to provide a platform to ensure an effective two-way communication between trainees and HEE. It is important that trainees can have their voice heard, share what is working well, and what isn’t, to continue to improve our training and experiences in YH.  Let’s work together to make our region the best one!

Alexandra Damazer - East Locality Lead


I’m Alex and I am a Paediatric ST7 and have been based in York throughout paediatric training.  

As locality lead of the forum I am passionate about trainee wellbeing, inclusivity and flexible training (including less than full time working), and advocating for trainees across the region. My leadership project as part of the leadership fellow year I undertook last year has allowed me to focus on flexible training at foundation level and I am particularly keen to ensure that trainees at all levels, including those just starting their careers, have a voice within the forum.  

Outside of work I am a very keen baker (all meetings are better with cake!) and enjoy outdoor swimming whenever possible.  

Lauren Harkin - Less Than Full Time Lead


I’m Lauren, an Acute Medicine Registrar in West Yorkshire. Originally from a wee place called Donegal in Ireland- I came to the UK in 2005 for medical school and have been training in Yorkshire since 2012. I have had two amazing children during my training and now work less than full time (LTFT). I have a special interest in medical education- especially postgraduate training and I have completed the postgraduate diploma in medical education. I am a huge advocate for simulation and human factors training.   

I joined the forum to highlight the role of HEE to trainees and to improve communication between both parties so they can work together to improve the training experience and make our region the best place to work and train. I am the LTFT lead and feel passionate about being a voice for LTFT trainees so they can offer feedback or ideas and raise concerns about their education and training.  

Outside of medicine I enjoy running, skiing, holidays, shopping and getting back to Ireland when I can.  

Lucy McCabe - Quality Lead


I’m an ST6 in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, working within West Yorkshire. I have an interest in Quality Improvement and patient safety and I am the Quality Lead for the Forum. I have previously been involved with projects to improve Junior Doctor engagement and well-being at a Trust level and am passionate about ensuring that we’re able to achieve our potential within our training programmes. I joined the Trainee Forum to help establish a two-way conversation between trainees and HEE to overall improve our experience and training. 


Opeoluwa Adeniran - Equality and Diversity Leadscreen_shot_2021-04-30_at_18.02.47.png My name is Opeoluwa A. Adeniran and I am currently a CT3 in Psychiatry, Leeds and York Partnership NHS foundation trust and based in Leeds. I have experienced a supportive and progressive training environment and it’s amazing the depth of character forged in psychiatry. I am one of two equality and diversity reps with the HEE Y&H forum and I joined this forum because I was drawn to the opportunity to know more about HEE from the “inside”, explore what HEE has to offer and be a part of a platform that helps others also do the same. 

Pete Webster - Academic Lead


I am a Colorectal Registrar ST7 currently working at Bradford Royal Infirmary.  “Yorkshire born and bred”, I have rotated through the majority of hospitals within the Yorkshire deanery during my training.  I have also completed a lab-based PhD during a formal “out of program research” period. As the Academic Lead on the Trainee Forum I am keen to address the issues that academic trainees face whilst also encouraging and promoting research within the region. 

Rammina Yassaie - Employers Lead


I am a GPST2 on the Harrogate VTS Scheme having also previously worked as a Paediatric trainee in West Yorkshire. I joined the Trainee Executive Forum as the Employers Lead as I have been a longstanding advocate for improving working conditions for junior doctors. I am very familiar with the pressing issues that trainees face in their workplaces having worked as a Local Negotiating Committee BMA Representative for over a decade across various hospital trusts in Yorkshire. I am also the North Representative for the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management’s Trainee Steering Group and in turn passionately champion the improvement of leadership opportunities for doctors in training. 

Sidra Chaudhry - Equality and Diversity Lead



Hi, I’m Sidra. I’m a dual specialty General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry registrar training in South Yorkshire. As a third culture kid and an international medical graduate, I take pride in my background and am passionate about making the training experience inclusive and empowering for trainees across the Yorkshire and Humber region.  

Joining the Trainee Executive Committee as Equality and Diversity Representative has given me the wonderful opportunity to become a small building block in the bridge connecting the HEE with trainees. It has also allowed me to network with amazing trainees from other disciplines to brainstorm ways to make the training experience more fulfilling. When not working, I enjoy photography and creative writing. And this may seem strange, but I’m not a great fan of tea or coffee! 

Stuart Stokes - South Locality Lead

I am a Neurosurgery Registrar at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and in the 6th year of my specialty surgical training. I am training within the Yorkshire and Humber region and have recently returned from a 2 year rotation in Hull, but have spent my foundation years and early registrar training in Sheffield. I wanted to get involved with the HEE to further improve the training throughout the region by establishing direct communication between the trainees and the HEE. With better communication and feedback of what makes a difference to training I believe we can enable trainees to make the most out of their training rather than just see it as a sign off mechanism to get a CCT. 

Sanah Sajawal - West Locality Lead



I’m Sanah and at the moment I am working as a Future Leaders Fellow with Yorkshire and Humber Foundation School. By background I am an ST6 rheumatology trainee, and I have been in West Yorkshire since 2014.  

I am passionate about teaching and have been actively engaged in this from the outset of my undergraduate degree. Over the years, I have taught undergraduate medical students, physician associates, postgraduate doctors and trainees studying for PACES. Currently I am undertaking my PG Diploma in Medical Education with the aim of completing my Masters by 2023. 

I joined the trainee executive forum as I believe that it is important trainee concerns are heard and steps are taken to improve training experience for all trainees. I am keen to address issues related to working LTFT, taking time out of training, returning to training after a period of absence (long or short) and trainee wellbeing. I would also like to increase awareness of what HEE and the trainee forum do and believe by doing this we can improve training for all.

Well-Being & Support Lead: Sana Fatima


I am a Higher Trainee in General Adult Psychiatry based in North and West Yorkshire. Having worked extensively in the region developing Wellbeing Programs for Foundation Trusts, I joined TEF as Trainee Health and Wellbeing Lead. In my current Leadership Fellowship with HEEYH, I am leading the project developing Professional and Wellbeing Support (PAWS) for doctors and dentists in training in Yorkshire and Humber. My journey thorough countries and cultures, having experienced peaks and trough of being almost a citizen of the world, being affiliated with several international healthcare set ups continues to further my vision and perspective, and helped me develop a unique and in-depth sensitivity to miscellany & multiplicity of people and presentations. I am keen to apply this to wider considerations around intricate trainee health and wellbeing needs as we strive to endorse authentic equality, equity, and inclusivity.

My passion for workforce h&wb is paralleled by my interest in medical education and learning, through experiences, interactions, and storytelling and have recently completed my PG Diploma in Med Ed. I am a mother to a very demanding 3-year-old, and recently discovered I am a celiac so l am on a perpetual prowl for gluten free recipes and restaurants

Secretary: Maria Crouch 


Currently a Future leadership programme fellow working on the development of blackboard for virtual education. I am ST6 in obstetrics & gynaecology by background and have observed lots of challenges and difficulties for trainees across specialties through previous roles within JDFs. I feel passionately about improving the relationship between HEE and trainees inparticualr the transparency of what HEE does, their agenda and their role in supporting doctors training. I joined the executive forum with the hope that I can help give trainees a voice and work alongside HEE in focusing on areas that the trainees care most about, in particular supporting wellbeing and understanding the reason for high attrition rates in certain specialities. I hope to be a voice for those that feel they aren’t listened to.

Vice Chair: Sara Page


Hi, I am Sara. I am currently out of program as a future leaders fellow and usually a geriatric registrar (ST3). I began foundation training in South Yorkshire in 2013 and I have worked here since. I have two children and work less than full time.

I joined the trainee forum to try to help improve communication between trainees and HEE. I am keen to improve our training culture and the training experience. 

I am happy to be emailed directly for any concerns or feedback! Sara.page@nhs.net

Vice Chair: Hussain Sarwar


Hi, I am Hussain. I am currently an Internal Medicine Trainee Year 2 working in Leeds Teaching Hospitals.  I have worked in different regions until now and now hoping to stay in Yorkshire and Humber long term. I am an International Medical Graduate, having moved to United Kingdom in 2018. I have worked across different specialities, including Emergency Medicine and Acute Medicine, understanding the challenges faced by different teams. My goal for working in Trainee Forum is to bridge the gap across all speciality trainees and to pursue further inclusion of International Medical Graduates in training programs. I want to focus my time to promote trainee wellbeing and bringing about changes which make a difference!


Tell me more about the Executive and Wider Forum - How is the Trainee Forum structured?


Where does the YH Trainee Forum fit in the 'bigger picture?


Meetings (Past and Future) and Minutes
MEETING DATE Executive or Wider Forum Minutes Link
2nd March 2021 2-5pm Executive  Meeting Minutes
26th April 2021 2-5pm Executive Meeting Minutes
19th May 2021 9-12am Executive Meeting Minutes
21st June 2-5pm Executive Meeting Minutes
20th July 9-12 am Executive Meeting Minutes
22nd Sept 9-12am Executive  
19th October 1.30pm Executive Meeting Minutes
2nd November Wider TEF Meeting Meeting Minutes
30th November 9-12 Executive Meeting Minutes


Forum Projects & Work-in-Progress

We want to keep trainees informed about all the projects, initiatives, and behind the scenes work the forum are involved in...

Here is a list of the things we are trying to get up and running to help improve trainees experience, education, training and well-being. 

If there are any ideas or initiatives you would like us to try to work on with HEE YH please get in touch, or even better join the forum - we love blue sky thinking.


You Said, We Did - Quality

Touchstone:  You Said, We Did - Click here for the Document detailing the Trainee Forum has been doing with the Quality Team 

Welcome to Touchstone, where your voice is an important part of the process in identifying how the Quality Team and Trainee Forum can play a part in improving working lives and how we can collaboratively work together to achieve this goal.  It will be a challenge and a commitment to change!!  In this section we aim to discuss issues important to you and help you know that as a trainee doctor or dentist ‘Your Voice Matters’ and how your actions can contribute to better training experience for all!

The Trainee Forum and Quality Team are here to listen to your concerns, identify potential resolutions and be transparent on how your engagement can helps us make a difference. The Forum would like to thank the Quality team for working collaboratively to allow transparency & understanding of improvements that can be made to training and the workplace.  

Please take time to make the most of this opportunity and to recommend what YOU want to see from Quality by contacting Vicky Jones, Quality Co-ordinator at vicky.jones@hee.nhs.uk.

How To Guides & Information to Help Trainees

We are currently developing a bank of resources to help trainees find useful information relating to their training. 

Please see documents section below:

  • Less Than Full Time Working Training Guide
  • Less Than Full Time Working for Foundation Trainees
  • Foundation Training Guide To Self Development Time
  • ARCP Timeline
  •  Exception Reporting
  • What is HEE
  • Welcome to Yorkshire
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • International Medical Graduates

Please let the Forum know if you would like any information or a guide created about a particular topic by emailing traineeforum.yh@hee.nhs.uk 

Check out the @YH_Trainees twitter account for the up to date information when you need. You'll hear about training advice, wellbeing strategies, leadership opportunities and many more.



If you want to ask the Trainee Forum a question, or ask us to pass along a question to HEE YH - please fill out this questionnaire



Join the... Trainee WIDER FORUM

What does membership to the Wider Forum involve?

The aim of the Trainee forum is to improve postgraduate doctor and dentist in training engagement with the work of HEE YH to improve the quality of training and education in the region. As a Wider Forum member, you’ll be expected to seek and represent the views, ideas and concerns of postgraduate doctors and/or dentists in training in your School, Specialty or Trust. This may include utilising specialist knowledge, such as from the local Trust’s Junior Doctors Forum, School/Specialty trainee reps, BMA reps, Chief Registrars and Future Leader Fellows. You will be supported to work collaboratively with others on improvement projects which you are interested in. 

The Wider Forum meets quarterly, within working hours and each meeting last approximately 3 hours. 

Wider Forum members are entitled to one session (equivalent to 1/2 day) of professional leave per month to complete Trainee Forum work and attend Wider Forum meetings.


What are the opportunities?

Being a member of the trainee forum will give you a number of opportunities:

  • Leadership and management skills for personal and professional development (including to meet required training competencies).
  • Opportunity to represent, meet with and work alongside your fellow postgraduate doctors and dentists in training, colleagues and seniors within HEE and Yorkshire and the Humber.
  • Develop a greater understanding of the functions and roles within HEE YH and the management of education and training across the region.
  • Signposting to the ‘Leadership for Clinicians Early in their Careers’ course, for postgraduate doctors and dentists in training up to ST4 level. (ST5+ level have access to a three-day ‘Leadership and Management’ course as part of their generic skills offer on Maxcourse).
  • Opportunity to apply for a role in the executive forum when executive committee members vacancies arise. The executive committee application is a competitive process which will include recognition for previous work as a member of the wider trainee forum.  
  • Membership of the Trainee Forum is a significant leadership and management opportunity. An annual certificate and/or letter of contribution/confirmation of attendance will be issued acknowledging meeting attendance and thanking members for their engagement, work and support. 


Check out the documents below to find out more about 'Job description for the Wider Forum' and 'Application process for the Wider Trainee Forum'



Join the... Trainee EXECUTIVE FORUM

There will be several upcoming vacancies which will be open for applications from August 2022.. Keep and eye on the website page for updated information.

Please read the information below in the meantime: 


What does membership to the Executive Forum involve?

The aim of the Trainee Forum is to improve postgraduate doctor and dentist in training engagement with the work of HEE YH to improve the quality of training and education in the region. As a Executive Forum member, you’ll be working alongside other executive members to seek opinions and present the views of all postgraduate doctors and dentists in training in the Yorkshire and the Humber region, both to the Trainee Forum and to HEE YH. You will be actively engaged in local and regional improvement projects and helping to find examples of good practice and share them. Some role responsibilities will vary between roles, depending on the specific role each executive member holds. 

Current roles include chair, vice chair, secretary, quality lead, academic lead, wellbeing and support lead, employers lead, locality lead (North East, South, West), equality diversity and inclusion lead and less than full time lead. 

The Executive Forum meets monthly, within working hours and each meeting last approximately 3 hours. 

Executive Forum members are entitled to two sessions (equivalent to 1 day) of professional leave per month to complete Trainee Forum work and to attend Executive and Wider Forum meetings.


What are the opportunities?

Being a member of the trainee forum will give you a number of opportunities:

  • Leadership and management skills for personal and professional development (including to meet required training competencies).
  • Opportunity to represent, meet with and work alongside your fellow postgraduate doctors and dentists in training, colleagues and seniors within HEE and Yorkshire and the Humber.
  • Develop a greater understanding of the functions and roles within HEE YH and the management of education and training across the region.
  • Completion of two leadership courses funded by HEE YH (Effective meetings) and (NHS Structure and Power Dynamics).
  • Completion of the healthcare leadership 360 appraisal and receive bespoke feedback on this (2 hour 1:1 session). 
  • Membership of the Trainee Forum is a significant leadership and management opportunity. An annual certificate and/or letter of contribution/confirmation of attendance will be issued acknowledging meeting attendance and thanking members for their engagement, work and support. 


Check out the documents below to find out more about specific role job descriptions and the application process for the Trainee Executive Forum. 




Since November 2021 the Trainee Forum has been releasing a quarterly newsletter to keep postgraduate doctors and dentists in the YH region up to date with what is going on, highlight educational or leadership opportunities, celebrate the success stories of region and promote feedback from readers. 

If you would like to suggest any items for future newsletters, or request any column space please do get in touch - traineeforum.yh@hee.nhs.uk 

Please see links and details below for previous editions:


  • Demystifying HEE
  • Study Leave
  • Exception reporting 
  • Covid recovery



  • Covid update 
  • Leadership opportunities
  • LTFT training 
  • Professional well-being and support
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion


MAY 2022

  • HEE YH
  • What should we call junior doctors 
  • Coaching 
  • Chief registrar role
  • Enhancing generalist skills programme 
  • ACCENT for study leave 
  • Celebrate: Future Leader's Conference