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Applications to the Trainee Wider Forum are always open and all applications are on a non-competitive basis

Check out the tabs and documents section below for all the information you need.

Everyone is welcome! However, there are some responsibilities of the role. Please refer to the Job Description for information regarding expectations.  

Applications are on a non - competitive basis, but we are looking for enthusiastic individuals, with a passion for improving experience for trainees across the region.

Please see the tab 'Join the... WIDER FORUM' and click the links below in documents for details on how to apply to the Wider Forum, and a description of the role. 


Further information:

NEXT TRAINEE WIDER FORUM MEETING:  22nd May 2024 9-12PM  request an invite to the meeting HERE, or request an invite to your local regional drop in session HERE

You can also find out who your local wider forum rep is HERE






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What have you been working on?

Our most recent newsletter - highlighting all the work done in the Deanery over the last 3 months:


Meet The Trainee Executive Forum Members


Sium Ghebru - Chair of the Forum 

Hello! I'm Sium - the chair of the TEF :)

I'm a GP trainee by background & am currently on an Out of Programme Experience to work full time as your chair of the TEF as a Fellow of the Future Leaders Programme.

I'm a Yorkshire import, originally from Eritrea. I was born in Sweden then moved to England when I was 8 years old.
I am so keen to bring this diversity of experience to our amazing team and please read all of their stories below!

We are in difficult times with more and more trainees leaving their posts to work as locums, go abroad or leave medicine altogether.
I am keen to help bridge the gap between the deanery and you and make sure that your postgraduate training is the best it can possibly be.

We will do this by hearing YOUR voice through our many pathways - send us an email via  , follow our Instagram and Twitter pages at @yh_trainees  & considering joining our quarterly Wider Forum events and even applying to be a member of the Executive when roles become available.


Raykal Sim - Vice Chair

I'm a GP trainee in the Pennine scheme. I am a passionate advocate for doctors being supported in their roles in training, especially International Medical Graduate doctors. I was part of the 2022-2033 Future Leaders Programme cohort and loved delivering projects on improving the IMG transition into the NHS. 

Check out my podcasts on how to support new IMG colleagues here:

As vice-chair of the TEF, I look forward to supporting the chair and the TEF team in bringing trainees' views to the deanery and encourage conversation between the deanery and trainees.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing the saxophone and swimming. As a Singaporean, I am always on the look out for delicious food places!

Please feel free to reach out to me at

Susan Stokes - Secretary

Hi, I’m Susie, a Paediatric Dental Registrar in West Yorkshire. 

I am Secretary of the Trainee Executive Forum as well as the Wider Trainee Forum.  

Over the course of my training I have taken time out for family reasons; joy and crisis.  The path through training can be long and sometimes tortuous, littered with unexpected diversions.  I am a strong advocate for the empowerment of trainees and the facilitation of safe, supported, flexible progress through training, and am keen to support the voice of the YH Trainee Forum in its efforts to achieve that.  

Outside of work I enjoy horse riding, reading, nature, and building dens with my boys.

Waqas Din - Quality Lead


Hi I am Waqas. I am an ENT registrar, who is currently undertaking The Future Leaders Programme with NHSE.  
My interest lies in improving the workplace culture in medicine and surgery to make it a more cohesive, compassionate and kind environment. In the last year, I have been involved in teaching real-life modern-day leadership at undergraduate and postgraduate levels with the aim of improved staff well-being and patient outcome. I hope to grow this further regionally with the TEF.
In my spare time I like to suffer as a Man Utd fan when not playing football myself, play on my Nintendo Switch and read all kinds of fantasy (I still await the day when I start to find dragons boring).
Please contact me at any time for support (or book recommendations) on


Theresa Ugalahi - Equality and Diversity Lead





I am a Child and Adolescent Mental Health trainee by background. I also have an interest and MSC in Public health. This year, I am out of programme as the Leadership fellow for Differential Attainment with the NHS England WT&E (Yorkshire & Humber) Future Leader’s programme. In my spare time, I love reading, travelling on holidays and sampling different cuisines with friends/family.

I am passionate about authenticity, equity and belonginess. As a clinician who have worked across different health systems and organisations, I am aware of the value and varied skills-sets that diverse teams can bring to the workforce. I am motivated to ensure that all doctors feel supported and invited to contribute to their training experience.

I currently lead the Reverse Mentoring (See TEF website) and the Conscious Decision-Making workshop (coming to Maxcourse soon) aimed at tackling Differential attainment within Yorkshire and Humber and I will enjoin all doctors to take advantage of these wonderful schemes.

I am keen to hear stories and suggestions from trainees on how we can level the playing field for all doctors irrespective of their background – please email on


Employers Lead  
Wider Forum Lead  

Laura Naish - Equality and Diversity Lead



I’m Laura, an ST5 O&G trainee in South Yorkshire and have just gone LTFT to get a bit of that elusive work-life balance. I studied in Sheffield, stayed here for foundation training and now my specialty training, and am a strong advocate of all things Yorkshire.

I know there are some problems with education and training, both within Yorkshire and systemically throughout the NHS and trying to address these issues can seem overwhelming. However, I hope my time on the TEF will enable me to learn how to go about making effective change and put this learning into positive actions by working closely with HEE and other TEF members. I am passionate about welling, support and am happy to get stuck in with anything so whilst I am 50% of the EDI team, I hope I can be an advocate for a range of issues that  are currently trainees facing. 

So as the Yorkshire tea advert so eloquently puts it – Let’s do it for Yorkshire (trainees) 

Sara Khalid - Wellbeing & Support Lead



Wellbeing, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of training. With high pressures following the pandemic I am passionate about helping prioritise trainee wellbeing and keeping at the forefront of all conversations.

Jessie Tebbutt - Communications & Engagement lead



I’m Jessie, an Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) in Special Care Dentistry, recently Returning to Training (RTT), after taking a year Out of Programme (OOP) as a Clinical Leadership Fellow. Before starting my ACF, I was already in clinical Specialty Training, based in Bournemouth on the South Coast. However, my time out gave me time to reflect on my career path, and I chose to side-step into the world of academic training.

I am excited to be supporting the TEF in growing its platform, promoting and increasing engagement with trainees across the region. I am passionate about building a more flexible, adaptive and supportive culture for trainees. I have an interest in developing compassionate leadership within healthcare and valuing authenticity.

When I’m not in clinic or the medical library, you can usually find me watering my houseplants, in the gym or with my nose in a book.

Twitter: @SpecialCareReg

Michelle Horridge - Less Than Full Time Lead


I’m Michelle Horridge, LTFT Lead for the TEF. I’m an ST3 in public health, working at 80%. I’ve worked in a variety of guises of LTFT for the last 10 years during my time in public health training and on my former career path in surgery. I live in Sheffield with my husband, 3 children, dog and a cat. I qualified in 2009 and have since completed a Masters in Public Health, Masters in Higher Education and a Future Leaders Fellowship.


I’m passionate about improving the system for LTFT trainees. Over my extended time in training, I have built up a great network of peers and senior leaders and will continue to build on this to improve the overall experience for trainees in Yorkshire and Humber. Suggestions always welcome, collaboration is key and if anyone wants to join the Yorkshire and Humber LTFT whatsapp group, please email me.


Happy to chat about all things LTFT on or @drhorridge

Ugochukwu Uzondu - South Locality Lead



My name is Ugochukwu, a GPST3 in a Medical Education Innovative Training Programme. I am involved with teaching medical students which I enjoy doing. I serve as the Trainee representative for General Practice trainees in Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospital. 

My interest in joining the executive forum is to ensure that trainees are part of the decision-making process within the HEE – creating the trainee perspective.  My observation is that trainees have different experiences through their journey, and some feel less empowered in certain areas and unaware of the support and resources available to them. I intend to use this platform to create the awareness while evaluating the impact of these measures via feedback. 

I have lived in South Yorkshire since June 2021 when I started my General Practice training and enjoying it here. I had my medical school training in Nigeria and finished 2012. Since then, I have worked in different roles until 2018 when I migrated with my family and lived in Sheffield, went South (Stevenage) after a while but found my way back to Yorkshire and Humber. 

Sanah Sajawal - West Locality Lead



I’m Sanah and at the moment I am working as a Future Leaders Fellow with Yorkshire and Humber Foundation School. By background I am an ST6 rheumatology trainee, and I have been in West Yorkshire since 2014.  

I am passionate about teaching and have been actively engaged in this from the outset of my undergraduate degree. Over the years, I have taught undergraduate medical students, physician associates, postgraduate doctors and trainees studying for PACES. Currently I am undertaking my PG Diploma in Medical Education with the aim of completing my Masters by 2023. 

I joined the trainee executive forum as I believe that it is important trainee concerns are heard and steps are taken to improve training experience for all trainees. I am keen to address issues related to working LTFT, taking time out of training, returning to training after a period of absence (long or short) and trainee wellbeing. I would also like to increase awareness of what HEE and the trainee forum do and believe by doing this we can improve training for all.

Eman Hassanin - West locality lead (deputised)


My name is Eman Hassanin. I’m a ST6 paediatric trainee at West Yorkshire. I’m from Egypt and I graduated from Alexandria University and worked at Alexandria Ministry of Health before Joining NHS. I am familiar with the NHS service and the difference between various schools as I have worked across three different deaneries. I’m a proactive person and have led multiple leadership projects. I have also represented trainees as a local rep and a school rep.

I want to improve the experience for trainees, and I want their voice to be heard, allowing them to become part of the decision making. 
I want to increase the awareness of the Trainee Executive Forum and the locality drop up sessions. I also believe in the importance of protective teaching. I’m interested in improving trainee experience through improving our regional teaching program.  

Outside of the NHS, I am a busy mother of two and I want to believe that I’m an excellent chef. I enjoy silly play with my kids, taking a stroll and catching up with friends and Family.

Please feel free to contact me at  

Chioma Maduka - East locality lead (deputised)



I am a CT3 Psychiatry Registrar with TEWV in North Yorkshire, started in February 2021, thus coming to an end of Core training and looking forward to Higher training. I trained abroad and relocated to UK in 2018. I have worked both as a Trauma & Orthopaedics Registrar and Emergency dept middle grade Registrar before I started training in Psychiatry.


I love interacting with people and making life better for other trainees. I am also the Scarborough Junior Doctors locality Representative for my Trust. In my spare time, I love fitness activities including mountain climbing, hiking and weighted HIIT


Join the... Trainee EXECUTIVE FORUM

Recruitment for Trainee Executive Forum roles recently closed. But see the information below for further details about the Executive forum and the representative role positions. 


The roles of the Executive Forum:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair                                                          
  • Secretary 
  • Quality Lead
  • Locality Leads (East, South, West)
  • Wellbeing & Support Lead
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead (2 roles)
  • Employers Lead
  • Wider Forum Lead
  • Communication & Engagement Lead
  • Less than full time (LTFT) Lead  


What does membership to the Executive Forum involve?

The aim of the Trainee Forum is to improve postgraduate doctor and dentist in training engagement with the work of HEE YH to improve the quality of training and education in the region. As a Executive Forum member, you’ll be working alongside other executive members to seek opinions and present the views of all postgraduate doctors and dentists in training in the Yorkshire and the Humber region, both to the Trainee Forum and to HEE YH. You will be actively engaged in local and regional improvement projects and helping to find examples of good practice and share them. Some role responsibilities will vary between roles, depending on the specific role each executive member holds. 

Current roles include chair, vice chair, secretary, wider forum lead, quality lead, wellbeing and support lead, employers lead, locality lead (East, South, West), equality diversity and inclusion lead, less than full time lead and communications and engagement lead.

The Executive Forum meets monthly, within working hours and each meeting last approximately 3 hours. 

Executive Forum members are entitled to two sessions (equivalent to 1 day) of professional leave per month to complete Trainee Forum work and to attend Executive and Wider Forum meetings.


What are the opportunities?

Being a member of the trainee forum will give you a number of opportunities:

  • Leadership and management skills for personal and professional development (including to meet required training competencies).
  • Opportunity to represent, meet with and work alongside your fellow postgraduate doctors and dentists in training, colleagues and seniors within HEE and Yorkshire and the Humber.
  • Develop a greater understanding of the functions and roles within HEE YH and the management of education and training across the region.
  • Completion of two leadership courses funded by HEE YH (Effective meetings) and (NHS Structure and Power Dynamics).
  • Completion of the healthcare leadership 360 appraisal and receive bespoke feedback on this (2 hour 1:1 session). 
  • Membership of the Trainee Forum is a significant leadership and management opportunity. An annual certificate and/or letter of contribution/confirmation of attendance will be issued acknowledging meeting attendance and thanking members for their engagement, work and support. 


Check out the documents below to find out more about specific role job descriptions and the application process for the Trainee Executive Forum. 



Tell me more about the Executive and Wider Forum - How is the Trainee Forum structured?


Where does the YH Trainee Forum fit in the 'bigger picture?


Forum Projects & Work-in-Progress

We want to keep trainees informed about all the projects, initiatives, and behind the scenes work the forum are involved in...

Here is a list of the things we are trying to get up and running to help improve trainees experience, education, training and well-being. 

If there are any ideas or initiatives you would like us to try to work on with HEE YH please get in touch, or even better join the forum - we love blue sky thinking.


You Said, We Did - Quality

Touchstone:  You Said, We Did - Click here for the Document detailing the Trainee Forum has been doing with the Quality Team 

Welcome to Touchstone, where your voice is an important part of the process in identifying how the Quality Team and Trainee Forum can play a part in improving working lives and how we can collaboratively work together to achieve this goal.  It will be a challenge and a commitment to change!!  In this section we aim to discuss issues important to you and help you know that as a trainee doctor or dentist ‘Your Voice Matters’ and how your actions can contribute to better training experience for all!

The Trainee Forum and Quality Team are here to listen to your concerns, identify potential resolutions and be transparent on how your engagement can helps us make a difference. The Forum would like to thank the Quality team for working collaboratively to allow transparency & understanding of improvements that can be made to training and the workplace.  

Please take time to make the most of this opportunity and to recommend what YOU want to see from Quality by contacting Vicky Jones, Quality Co-ordinator at

How To Guides & Information to Help Trainees

We are currently developing a bank of resources to help trainees find useful information relating to their training. 

Please see documents section below:

  • Less Than Full Time Working Training Guide
  • Less Than Full Time Working for Foundation Trainees
  • Foundation Training Guide To Self Development Time
  • ARCP Timeline
  •  Exception Reporting
  • What is HEE
  • Welcome to Yorkshire
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • International Medical Graduates

Please let the Forum know if you would like any information or a guide created about a particular topic by emailing 

Check out the @YH_Trainees twitter account for the up to date information when you need. You'll hear about training advice, wellbeing strategies, leadership opportunities and many more.



If you want to ask the Trainee Forum a question, or ask us to pass along a question to NHSE WTE - please fill out this form

Alternatively, you can email us at



Join the... Trainee WIDER FORUM

We are continuing to accept application of interest to the Wider Forum.  All applications are on a non-competitive basis: everyone is welcome!  


What does membership to the Wider Forum involve?

The aim of the Trainee forum is to improve postgraduate doctor and dentist in training engagement with the work of HEE YH to improve the quality of training and education in the region. As a Wider Forum member, you’ll be expected to seek and represent the views, ideas and concerns of postgraduate doctors and/or dentists in training in your School, Specialty or Trust. This may include utilising specialist knowledge, such as from the local Trust’s Junior Doctors Forum, School/Specialty trainee reps, BMA reps, Chief Registrars and Future Leader Fellows. You will be supported to work collaboratively with others on improvement projects which you are interested in. 

The Wider Forum meets quarterly, within working hours and each meeting last approximately 3 hours. 

Wider Forum members are entitled to one session (equivalent to 1/2 day) of professional leave per month to complete Trainee Forum work and attend Wider Forum meetings.


What are the opportunities?

Being a member of the trainee forum will give you a number of opportunities:

  • Leadership and management skills for personal and professional development (including to meet required training competencies).
  • Opportunity to represent, meet with and work alongside your fellow postgraduate doctors and dentists in training, colleagues and seniors within HEE and Yorkshire and the Humber.
  • Develop a greater understanding of the functions and roles within HEE YH and the management of education and training across the region.
  • Signposting to the ‘Leadership for Clinicians Early in their Careers’ course, for postgraduate doctors and dentists in training up to ST4 level. (ST5+ level have access to a three-day ‘Leadership and Management’ course as part of their generic skills offer on Maxcourse).
  • Opportunity to apply for a role in the executive forum when executive committee members vacancies arise. The executive committee application is a competitive process which will include recognition for previous work as a member of the wider trainee forum.  
  • Membership of the Trainee Forum is a significant leadership and management opportunity. An annual certificate and/or letter of contribution/confirmation of attendance will be issued acknowledging meeting attendance and thanking members for their engagement, work and support. 


Check out the documents below to find out more about 'Job description for the Wider Forum' and 'Application process for the Wider Trainee Forum'




Should there be multiple applicants from the same hospital/specialty and rota, there may have to be a selective application process via reviewing CV’s.


Since November 2021 the Trainee Forum has been releasing a quarterly newsletter to keep postgraduate doctors and dentists in the YH region up to date with what is going on, highlight educational or leadership opportunities, celebrate the success stories of region and promote feedback from readers. 

If you would like to suggest any items for future newsletters, or request any column space please do get in touch -

Please see links and details below for previous editions:


  • Demystifying HEE
  • Study Leave
  • Exception reporting 
  • Covid recovery



  • Covid update 
  • Leadership opportunities
  • LTFT training 
  • Professional well-being and support
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion


MAY 2022

  • HEE YH
  • What should we call junior doctors 
  • Coaching 
  • Chief registrar role
  • Enhancing generalist skills programme 
  • ACCENT for study leave 
  • Celebrate: Future Leader's Conference 


SEPT 2022

  • Enhancing Junior Doctors Working Lives report
  • F3 Phenomenon - top tips for planning your F3 year 
  • Exception reporting - when and how 
  • The Future Leaders Programme 
  • Take Time and Workplace Wellbeing - psychological support services 
  • IMG Handbook
  • Celebrate: EDI national learners assembly



  • Compassionate redeployment
  • Sustainability in the NHS
  • The King's Fund
  • The YH study leave policy
  • 10 days of happiness, You OK Doc?, Practitioner help
  • Celebrate: New Trainee Executive Forum members



Social Media

We'd like to signpost you to the accounts below which aim to: 

  • Keep you up to date with what's going on in the region
  • Highlight exciting leadership or educational opportunities available nearby 
  • Point you in the direction of useful information/resources that can enhance your training experience in YH
  • Champion aspiring behaviours and attitudes to cultivate positive team cultures which promote diversity, inclusivity and equality
  • Support your wellbeing

TWITTER @YH_Trainees


Reverse mentoring scheme

Reverse mentoring with a focus on Differential Attainment


Q1: What is reverse mentoring?

Traditional mentoring involves the education and sponsorship of junior colleagues by senior colleagues who are already advanced in their career and leadership position. Reverse mentoring inverts the paradigm with junior colleagues mentoring the senior staff, in this instance, junior doctors will act as mentors to senior doctors with the aim of addressing differential attainment. This will involve inviting postgraduate/trainee UK and International medical graduates from ethnic minority backgrounds to pair with trainers or consultants from all other ethnic backgrounds for a period of 6 months in-order to mentor trainers/consultants on their lived experiences of training as an individual from an ethnic minority background.


Q2: What are the benefits of such a program?

Similar reverse mentoring work has been introduced in other industries and organisations including digital technology companies and the beauty industries. There are envisaged benefits for the participating trainee mentors, the senior staff mentees, and for the NHS on an organisational level. The scheme aims to embed the experiences of minority ethnic team members within the leadership consciousness of the NHS. It offers an opportunity to explore discussions on race in a safe space, and challenge systemic biases, thereby promoting a more inclusive training culture.


In addition to effecting positive changes on an organisational level, the participating trainee mentors also learn from the experiences and leadership journey of their paired senior consultant / trainer mentee. Mentors will also develop professional networks, gain career development insights and a more intimate understanding of how training works. We hope that this project will mirror the success of similar schemes in which participants valued the close relationships that formed between the mentor & mentee and lead to bi-directional learning. Differential attainment is now a priority item in our organisation’s agenda and is a personal priority for our leaders.



Q3: How the scheme works

After recruiting mentors and mentees through a short survey, a pairing exercise will be carried out to match trainers/senior colleagues and trainees/junior colleagues with compatible goals. Other considerations for matching are preferred speciality and place of employment as indicated in the responses to the survey questions. Mentors and mentees will be matched on MentorNet with bi-directional access to paired participants profiles enabled.

We anticipate that mentor-mentee meetings will occur approximately every 4-6 weeks over a period of 6 months (4 or 6 meetings) with each meetings lasting around 60 minutes.

Reverse mentoring cohort 4 timeline:

The fourth cohort is scheduled to commence from November 2023 to June 2024.

Prior to the first mentoring meeting, there will be a parallel ‘kick-off’ or induction event for mentors and mentees. Mentors will participate in mentoring training, get an overview of the scheme and meet to share their stories, goals and ask questions whilst mentees will also explore any questions or expectations around the scheme as well as discuss equality, diversity and inclusive themes like allyship and privilege. This will also be mentee and mentor handbooks provided to guide the process.


During the mentoring period there will be group supervision for reverse mentors to share ideas, experiences, discuss any challenges and support one another. For the mentees (senior colleagues/consultants or trainers), there will be a mid-term review with opportunity to pick a suitable date out of the two scheduled meeting dates. At the end of the 6-month reverse mentoring period, the project will culminate in a ‘wrap-up’ session where participants come together to reflect on what has been learned and achieved. Guidance will be provided throughout the process.


As far possible, our aim is to structure participation within salaried ‘work time’ rather than asking that mentors & mentees sacrifice personal time. By aiming to hold mentoring sessions four to six weeks apart, there is some opportunity to make use of study or professional leaves to participate within working hours. NHS England (WT&E) will provide mentors with a letter from the Dean to support their professional leave.


We recognise that given a high level of interest in this project we may be unable to pair every interested mentor or mentee.  If there are more applicants than required for the mentoring pool, we will select purely on the pairing exercise described above. For those we are unable to pair, we hope to offer further opportunity to participate in the reverse mentoring cohort 5 in 2024, as we continue to offer this mentoring opportunity within the Deanery.

All recruitment to be actioned through email correspondence from the programme support team following an expression of interests from individuals, Trusts, or schools. The mentoring will be supported on the MentorNet platform.



For further information, to indicate interests or for links to the recruitment survey, please contact:

Drop-in sessions to meet your locality lead

You can now meet your East/South/West locality lead after the WIDER Forum meetings.

  • Ask questions or raise a concern about your training 
  • Get involved in local training-improvement projects 
  • Share ideas for how to improve training in your region

See details below:


Our history and purpose


The YH Trainee Forum was created in 2020 and provides a platform for all postgraduate doctors and dentists in training  in the Yorkshire and Humber region to offer feedback, share ideas for ways to improve training, and raise any concerns regarding the quality of their education, training and experience in the region.

The Forum's purpose is to promote excellent training, enhance recruitment and retention and improve the postgraduate doctor and dentist in training experience for all. The Forum is chaired and run by trainees in direct contact with the YH Postgraduate Dean and the Deanery team. 

The YH Trainee Forum is structured with an Executive and Wider Forum who work together collaboratively to drive improvements in quality of education and training, well-being, and support.