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Resources and Useful Links

The following resources may be useful to you at any point throughout your training in Yorkshire and Humber. If you are looking for resources that specifically relate to social integration and acclimatisation (for example, opening a bank account or finding accommodation), please see our Social Support and Integration webpage.

Yorkshire and Humber Resources

IMG Handbook

The IMG Handbook was prepared by IMG Doctors in Yorkshire and Humber, for IMG Doctors. It contains a wealth of useful resources and signposts to further helpful information, including information about amenities and transport, healthcare and childcare, food and shopping, what to expect from your Human Resources Department and much more!


IMG Podcast Series

One of our previous Future Leader Fellows for IMG Support developed a podcast series, which aimed to share the experiences of other IMG trainees and provide useful tips for your training journey. An overview of each episode and listening link can be found below:

Introduction A short introduction to the purpose of this podcast series
Episode One GP trainee, Dr CJ covers tips for the portfolio and how to escalate to seniors as an IMG doctor
Episode Two Dr Elyas, Paediatrics ST4 shares her journey into training and the challenges she faced
Episode Three Dr Cristina shares her experiences of communication challenges at work and working less than full time
Episode Four Dr Kike describes the challenges she faced with bringing her family to the UK as well as challenges with the visa process as an IMG doctor
Episode Five

Dr Mahwish shares experiences from her trust grade job, reverse mentoring, resilience and self-compassion as an IMG

Episode Six Differential Attainment GP TPD, Dr Robert Amedzro, shares his views on the common challenges faced by IMG trainees
Episode Seven EDI Lead and HR Manager, Mano Jamieson, discusses what HR teams can do to improve the IMG transition, recognising racism and how to respond to microaggressions
Episode Eight Dr Tolu, a trust grade IMG doctor, shares her experience of adapting to working in the UK, overcoming communication difficulties and social isolation






















IMG Virtual Networking Sessions Recordings

In 2023, the Future Leader Fellow for IMG Support ran a pilot of virtual networking sessions to support new IMGs in the region. Guest speakers were invited to each session to encourage a variety of content. An overview and link to access the recording of each session can be found below:

January 2023

Welcome to the UK, training and top tips for starting in the NHS

March 2023 General Medical Council, appraisals and portfolios
April 2023 Responding to microaggressions and reaching out for support
June 2023

A GP Associate Dean, an IMG trainee and an incoming leadership fellow share their journeys

July 2023

Financial top tips, preventing burnout and welcoming new IMGs


Health Toolbox

Health Toolbox is a collaborative local knowledge resource for healthcare professionals that deserve a safe induction. It acts as a wikipedia of how to get stuff done in hospitals. Each hospital has its own domain, co-ordinated by a lead editor who reviews the information, and a senior clinician who provides support and continuity. It can help you to orientate yourself with your hospital and department and includes contact numbers, referral methods, ward handbooks & guidelines.

External Resources

Developing Reflective Practice

Reflection should be part of a doctor’s everyday practice. Reflective practice is ‘the process whereby an individual thinks analytically about anything relating to their professional practice with the intention of gaining insight and using the lessons learned to maintain good practice or make improvements where possible’.

This may be a situation the doctor observed, or was directly involved with, or may be part of formal learning which has been particularly poignant or effective. Reflection happens with both positive and negative events – learning from activities, either to reinforce behaviour or to change it. As this implies, it can take place during and after the situation.

As professionals, doctors should engage in a continuous process of self-assessment as part of personal and professional development. Reflective practice is part of this process and results in a better understanding of different healthcare situations. The aim of this toolkit is to aid individual development and to support enhanced performance when similar situations are

The Academy of Medical Educators has developed Guidance on Reflective Practice as well as a Reflective Practice Toolkit which will support you in developing your reflective practice to support enhanced performance when similar situations are encountered in the future.


British National Formulary

The British National Formulary aims to provide prescribers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals with sound up-to-date information about the use of medicines in the UK, including information specifically for dental practitioners.


Medical Unions

A medical union is a specialised trade union and professional body for healthcare professionals. Some are exclusive to doctors whilst others will also offer services to other healthcare professionals. Joining a trade union in the UK is not mandatory but may be advisable as it can give you a professional source of advice independent from your employer. They can help you understand your rights as well as help you negotiate pay and conditions.

The more popular union for doctors and medical students is the British Medical Association (BMA) and whilst they offer a paid subscription service, they also produce some free educational resources which you can access via their website.

Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association (HCSA) is an alternative trade union which represents and advises all grades of hospital doctor in the UK, both in the NHS and Private Sectors.


BMA Forum for Racial and Ethnic Equality

The BMA Forum for Racial and Ethnic Equality (FREE) is a national forum, supported by regional groups, that seeks to explore and highlight relevant issues and experiences faced by Black, Asian and minority ethnic doctors and medical students, ensure their perspectives are included in policy consultations, influence and support external stakeholders to improve support for minority ethnic and IMG doctors, amongst much more.


Centre for International Medical Graduates

The Centre for International Medical Graduates is an organisation that offers courses and coaching for IMGs to support your transition to living and working in the UK, including a comprehensive free induction to the NHS programme.


GMC Guidance on Religious and Personal Beliefs

A doctor’s faith and values can be a great personal support to them throughout their career. But there may be times when their personal beliefs can impact their practice.

On these occasions, it’s important doctors are supported by their colleagues, employer or medical school. They should work together so they can practise in a way that’s in line with their beliefs, while making sure their patients can access the care they need.

The GMC have provided information about Religious and Personal Beliefs that will help you to practise in accordance with your values. There are also resources that medical schools, employers and training organisations can use to support staff and colleagues.


Mind the Bleep

Mind the Bleep is a free medical education platform for junior doctors and other healthcare professionals. They provide content on clinical specialties, wellbeing, employment, finance and career development helping you deal with everyday challenges with ease. In addition, they have a range of dedicated resources and webinars for IMGs.


Road to UK

Road to UK is an independent website providing support and guidance for IMGs making their transition to working in the UK.


The Savvy IMG

The Savvy IMG is an independent website providing a wealth of guidance and support for IMGs, including information about training routes, career options and residency in the UK.

Specialty-specific Resources and Support

Royal College of Anaesthetists

Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Royal College of General Practitioners:

Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Royal College of Pathologists

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Royal College of Radiologists

Royal College of Surgeons

Trust-specific Resources and Support

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

South Tees NHS Foundation Trust