Vision statement

Our core value is to benefit children in the region by providing excellent training opportunities for future paediatricians, many of whom will stay within the region. We take pride in our high quality training that ensures our CCT holders have the knowledge and people skills required to work as effective Paediatricians.

We aim to work collaboratively with all training units to create a holistic training environment that allows for optimal learning and takes the needs of adult learners into account.

The paediatric trainee is at the heart of our efforts and we aim to provide an excellent learning environment, taking personal requirements into account, as this results in happier and better trained doctors.



School of Paediatrics Newsletter July 2019

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Welcome to HEYH School of Paediatics newsletter. Please contact the team if you have news to share or want to contribute.   

The Newsletter will be updated on a monthly basis and aims to higlight news and events from across the region and country.    


Volunteers needed - Please see below message from RCPCH

The RCPCH Global Health trainee reps are keen to organise an "RSM style" educational day in the north of England or Scotland; but they need your help! They are looking for trainee volunteers in the region to create a steering committee to help organise the day. This would count as organising a national teaching day, and becoming an RCPCH global health regional champion - good CV points!

Please email if interested

Medico-Legal Training Programme

A new e-learning programme from Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) aims to support health and care professionals with court-related experiences.

The Medico-legal Training programme provides resources for doctors and other health and care professionals who may be asked to write a statement or report or give evidence in a coroners’ or other court for the first time. It aims to offer support for what can be, for many, a daunting experience. It includes brief video lectures and PowerPoint slides from the lectures as well as sample statements and references.

For more information about the programme visit:


Paediatric Peer Mentoring Scheme

Last month the Paediatric Peer Mentoring Scheme took place. Feedback from the course was excellent and further dates are planned for next year. Thank you to the faculty and candidates who made it a succesful day.

See here for more information



Please help complete Trainee Surveys- Click here for list on ongoing surveys



Upcoming Events

Introduction to Mindfulness                           

  1. 10th July- Woodside, Rotherham

  2. 25th July- The Learning Centre, Hull 

  3. 31st July- Willow Terrace Road, Leeds         

Progressing Paediatrics: Emergency medicine

  16th July, London

International Child Health Group winter meeting

 15 November, Met Hotel, Leeds, UK

Paediatric Supported Return to Training study days Date    

 24th October, Barnsley Hospital