Vision statement

Our core value is to benefit children in the region by providing excellent training opportunities for future paediatricians, many of whom will stay within the region. We take pride in our high quality training that ensures our CCT holders have the knowledge and people skills required to work as effective Paediatricians.

We aim to work collaboratively with all training units to create a holistic training environment that allows for optimal learning and takes the needs of adult learners into account.

The paediatric trainee is at the heart of our efforts and we aim to provide an excellent learning environment, taking personal requirements into account, as this results in happier and better trained doctors.





School of Paediatrics Newsletter May 2020

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Welcome to the HEYH School of Paediatics newsletter. Please contact the team if you have news to share or want to contribute. 

The Newsletter will be updated on a monthly basis and aims to highlight news and events from across the region and country.    

COVID-19 update

As COVID-19 continues to impact on all our lives and training the School of Paediatrics will regulary udpate the website to try and keep you informed. Please bear with us as it changing on a regular basis.

The link above is a dedicated page of updates and resources which some of you may find helpful.

Questions regarding ARCP and training can be found on here and also on the RCPCH website.

Thank you for all you hard work.

TPD clinics will  be going remote so if you need to talk to a TPD please email the Paediatric support team or the TPD directly. TPD contact list can be found here.

Training Progression

Guidance from the RCPCH is availble.

The Key message from David Evans is Do Not Worry About Your Training. Read more here


Due to Covid-19 ARCPs will be disrupted. 

Priority will be given for essential ARCP (Trainees finishing Level 1, Anticipated outcome 6, Trainees moving to GRID)

There will be flexibility with the requirements, but an ES report will be particulary important.

RCPCH have released further guidance here

Please visit the ARCP page for updated 2020 ARCP checklists.

From crisis to calm - mindfulness during COVID-19

Dr Sanjay Suri, Consultant Paediatrician and HEYH TPD is doing regular sessions via zoom to use mindfulness to improve well being. 

Join the sessions he run at his Trust via Zoom, 12:30 each weekday.


Upcoming Events

May events are being cancelled so please bear this in mind.

Paediatric SupporTT 10th July/17th September/16th Novmber, Barnsley Hospital