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Yorkshire and Humber

The Yorkshire and Humber Deanery has launched a Virtual Learning Environment called Blackboard Learn, along with the Blackboard Collaborate video conferencing solution, to deliver teaching and training across the region.

As an anaesthetic trainee in the region, you are now eligible to register for and activate your account which will give you access to the School of Anaesthesia's secure area within Blackboard. There you will find educational material 'courses'), presented as modules mapped to the curriculum. It is also where you will access Collaborate, which will be used as a video conferencing medium for live teaching sessions.

HELP is a portal that the Deanery has created to offer wider accessibility to Blackboard Learn and Collaborate. HELP is where you will find and sign up to ('enrol onto') any anaesthetic education modules you wish to undertake. Once you have enrolled onto a module, it will become visible in your Blackboard account. 

Here are some FAQs that we would like to share with each of you regarding Blackboard Learn and HELP usage.


Q1: How do I get a Blackboard Account?

You can now create your account for the platform using the HEE YH Education and Learning Portal (HELP) which can be accessed using the link below:

HEE YH Education and Learning Portal (HELP) under anaesthetic category 

Once you have created your account, it will be useful (but not mandatory) to enrol yourself onto the user guides and videos (these can be found in the Catalogue section of HELP):

  • HEE Blackboard 101 Resource Hub

  • HEEYH Education and Learning Portal

Q2: I already have a Blackboard Account; do I need to re-register with HELP?

No, please sign into HELP using your Blackboard login.

Q3: What anaesthetic related Blackboard modules are presently available to enrol onto through HELP?

HELP is a portal for enrolment and un-enrolment onto education modules (called ‘courses’ on HELP and Blackboard. Once enrolled onto, the modules will appear on your Blackboard account.

Anaesthetic Blackboard modules presently available through HELP are:

  • Quality Improvement for Anaesthetists
  • Planetary Health and Sustainable Health Care
  • Paediatric Anaesthesia Study Resources
  • Anaesthetic Tea Trolley resources: These are resources that can be used for tea trolley sessions in hospitals where you are.
  • Friday Afternoon Teaching at Leeds: Live anaesthetic and ICM teaching sessions from Leeds Teaching Hospitals.
  • Procedural Sedation: This is a package on Procedural Sedation including e- Learning, please launch the video e-Learning ignoring the assessment date and the popup blocker that sometimes appears with this module.
  • More modules, including a TIVA education package and a courses calendar (detailing courses on offer throughout the YH region), will be added over the coming months. They will appear in HELP once they are live.
Q4. If I have enrolled myself onto a Blackboard Learn module though HELP, would I be able to access the module directly on Blackboard?

Yes. Access the school of Anaesthesia and ICM Blackboard platform using the following link:

Q5. Now I am confused, what’s the difference between HELP and Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn is a VLE where modules will be stored and Collaborate can be accessed for live teaching sessions. HELP is currently a portal through which to access those educational modules but eventually it is hoped that it will also be used as a portal for registration on to other courses, sessions and conferences happening outside of Blackboard and Collaborate.

Q6. How will I know there are new modules added that I need to enrol on to?

When you log in to your HELP account, the modules that are linked to Anaesthetics will automatically appear for you to enrol onto when you select ‘Anaesthetics’ from the category menu on the left-hand side.

Q7. Can I use any browser on my desktop to access Blackboard Learn and Collaborate?

Please note that as Blackboard Learn and Collaborate are cloud-based platforms, your experience will be based on your internet connection. We recommend using

Google Chrome to access the platforms where possible (although we would suggest trying alternative browsers to find the most suitable fit for your device).

Q8. Can I use Blackboard Learn on my smart phone?



Blackboard is available in App format which can be downloaded from the Apple App store and the Google Play store

When accessing the Blackboard App for the first time, you will need to enter your institution ’Health Education England’ before being prompted for the login details you were given when you registered via HELP .

Q9. Who can help me if I have issues with any of the above?

Should you experience any issues accessing your account please contact the Regional Teaching Programmes Support Team via email on