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Yorkshire and Humber

Support for International Medical Graduates

In Yorkshire and Humber, we classify International Medical Graduates (IMGs) as trainees who qualified outside of the UK. Whether you are new to the NHS or you have already been training in the UK for several years, we encourage you to access the support and guidance for IMGs that is available on these webpages. 

IMGs form an important part of the postgraduate training workforce. You bring with you a rich array of global perspectives and experiences that can be of benefit to your colleagues. In turn, we are committed to ensuring your transition to working in the NHS in Yorkshire and Humber is as safe, seamless and rewarding as possible.

These webpages contain a wealth of information that will support you before you arrive in region for training, during your induction period and beyond. You will find key information such as how we can provide you with social support for settling into the area, resources to familiarise you with the NHS healthcare system and to develop your reflective practice, guidance on UK services and amenities, and much more!

In addition to these webpages, if you are a trainee with the School of General Practice you can also review their GP specific information for International Medical Graduates.