On this page you will find information about upcoming courses and general information that willl be of use for you to know. If there are any courses that you are interested in applying to please either read in the body of the course advertisement or select the flyer/programme at the bottom of the page to find out more information on how to apply.


06/02/2019 UKFPO Bulletin

The UKFPO Bulletin has been published onto our website and can be found in the news section via the link below:



15/01/2019  HEE e-LfH Foundation e-learning programme - January 2019 update

e-Learning for Healthcare Foundation e-Learning Programme: Professional Capability: 1 Acts professionally and Professional Capability: 2 Delivers patient centred care and maintains trust


Developed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in partnership with Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) and approved by UKFPO – Foundation is a free e-learning programme for Foundation doctors.  


Do you need to complete parts of the curriculum on your e-portfolio which you do not cover in day-to-day practice? If so, try some of our free e-learning mapped directly to the Foundation Professional Capabilities (Training Outcomes) in the 2016 Foundation Curriculum.


The e-learning sessions in these Professional Capabilities explore the relationship between doctors and their patients and how to deliver effective patient centered care.


‘Handling Complaints’ provides essential information about common factors leading to complaints, how to minimise these, the procedures involved and what your responsibilities are as a foundation doctor.


The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) protects the right of vulnerable people and this group of sessions cover topics such as assessing capacity, consent, patient autonomy and safeguarding. You will also consider the multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach to healthcare in the hospital and patient support after discharge.



Handling Complaints

Mental Capacity

Mental Capacity Assessment

Use of Restraint

Capacity and Difficult Consent

Patient Autonomy and Related Ethics

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Confidentiality and Privacy

Keeping the Patient at the Centre of Care

Seeing the Whole Picture

Family Dynamics Affecting Discharge.

You can sign in to the e-Learning with your login supplied by e-LfH at the beginning of your foundation training: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/foundation-programme/.


31/01/2019 - General Surgery Foundation Course

The General Surgery Course is an excellent opportunity for Foundation doctors to improve knowledge and gain confidence in the management of the common general surgical presentations that foundation year doctors may face.

The course will be taking place in London on the 31st January 2019 at St Mary’s Hospital. Please see the attached General Surgery Course Flyer for more infomation. Further information can also be found on http://www.aseduc.org/ . 

To reserve a place please visit http://www.aseduc.org/ 


23/01/2019 - UKFPO Bulletin

The UKFPO Bulletin has been published onto the UKFPO website. This can be found in the news section via the following link: http://www.foundationprogramme.nhs.uk/content/news


11/01/2019 - National Foundation Doctors Presentation Day

The National Foundation Doctors Presentation Day will be taking place on Friday 11th January 2019.

You are invited to submit abstracts relating to research, clinical case reports, education, sustainability or quality improvement work undertaken during your Foundation Programme training. 

Deadline for abstracts is 12:00 midday Friday 16th November 2018. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Multiple applications will be accepted up to a maximum of three abstracts per presenting author.

Click here to open the abstract submission form


09/01/2019 - Anatomy for Postgraduate Exams

A great opportunity to enhance your anatomical knowledge with an intensive one-day course, based at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The main goals for this teaching session are as follows:

  • Preparation for post-graduate exams - ideal for Foundation and CT trainees
  • Unique cadaveric based anatomy teaching
  • Personalised feedback to each attendee based on formative assessment performance

To book your place please contact t.lloyd@qmul.ac.uk


10/12/2018 - Core Anaesthetics Training Interview Course

Applying for Core Anaesthetics Training? Feel like you need more preparation for the interview and want to know how to boost your application, even if you think it's too late?

Introducing the 'Core Anaesthetics Training Interview Course', endorsed by the RCoA. This popular evening course is run by top-ranked trainees and is just the preparation and immediate feedback that you need, but in a low-pressure environment. It includes a mock-interview cycle, specific do's and don'ts for the day and how to gain last-minute points.

To book your place or for more information please email amour.patel@doctors.org.uk


05/12/2018 - HEE e-LfH Foundation e-learning programme - December 2018 update

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare sessions in Foundation e-Learning Project: Professional Capability: 20 Contributes to quality improvement


Developed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in partnership with Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) and approved by UKFPO – Foundation is a free e-learning programme for Foundation doctors.  


Do you need to complete parts of the curriculum on your e-portfolio which you do not cover in day-to-day practice? If so, try some of our free e-learning mapped directly to the Foundation Professional Capabilities (Training Outcomes) in the 2016 Foundation Curriculum.


The e-learning sessions in Professional Capability: 20 “Contributes to quality improvement”, look at audit and evidence based practice. It outlines the study designs used in medical practice. You are provided with a guide to developing a structured research strategy which will help you find journal articles relevant to your clinical questions. How to evaluate a journal article is discussed using a linked example paper from the British Journal of Anaesthesia.




Evidence Based Medicine in Clinical Practice

Common Study Designs in Clinical Research

Explaining Evidence/Guidelines/Protocols to Patients

Guidelines in Clinical Practice

Searching the Literature and Locating Papers

How to Review a Paper


Sign in to the e-learning with your login supplied by e-LfH at the beginning of your foundation training: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/foundation-programme/.


22/11/2018 - Foundation Faculty Sharing Good Practice Event

NACT UK and UKFPO will be hosting the annual Foundation Faculty Sharing Good Practice Event.

The conference will take place on Friday 8th March 2019 at the London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch, 134 George St, London, W1H 5DN.

The deadline for abstracts is 5 p.m. Friday 30th November 2018.

Please see attached the Call for Papers and Abstract Submission form. Further information can be found on the NACT website here.


17/11/2018 - Ophthalmology Taster Day

The day will begin with talks introducing the career of ophthalmology with tips on achieving a competitive portfolio followed by variety of workshops including access to the ophthalmology surgical simulator.

Venue: Ophthalmology Outpatient department, Arrowe Park Hospital. 

Time: 9am - 1pm 

Tickets are on sale on [https://www.liverpoolguild.org/groups/ophthalmology-9963/events/ophthalm...]. More details can be found on our facebook page [https://www.facebook.com/events/182176785995562/]. 

For any questions email ophthalmology@society.liverpoolguild.org


15/11/2018 - Less Than Full Time Yorkshire and Humber Foundation School Update

We are going to trial the Hull office dealing with all future Foundation LTFT applications. Currently West trainees contact LTFT West / East – LTFT East and South – LTFT South. The Foundation team feel that we are not getting the information in a timely manner and trusts don’t always get the information in time either.

From the 1st of December, if you have any trainees that want to apply for LTFT in East, West or South (for Foundation only, not speciality trainees) can they please send their application to the generic LTFT East YH inbox LTFTEast.YH@hee.nhs.uk .

We are in the process of getting the current / in progress information from the West and South offices and will update the website accordingly.

Paperwork and guidance for LTFT is here: https://www.yorksandhumberdeanery.nhs.uk/learner_support/policies/less_than_full_time

Please note that YHFS do not normally accommodate swapping placements. We do appreciate there may be some exceptional circumstances, but this is not the norm, even if there is a gap or the trainee has found another trainee willing to swap.

If a trainee is looking for an inter/intra foundation school transfer we use the IFST paperwork if they want to transfer within Yorkshire and Humber (moving from one region to another within Yorkshire and Humber), or if they want to transfer to another Foundation School. Paperwork is here on the UKFPO website: http://www.foundationprogramme.nhs.uk/content/resource-bank

Please complete the relevant paperwork and send to foundation.yh@hee.nhs.uk .

You can discuss the possibility of a change of placement through the IFST process with their administrators / supervisors / TPDs but YHFS must be informed and the FSD / Deputies make the final decision.

If it is for a swap within YHFS we will check to see if there is a relevant gap or whether the post needs to be funded supernumerary. If it is for a move to another foundation school, we will communicate with them.

If you have any queries or comments please email the YH foundation inbox foundation.yh@hee.nhs.uk


31/10/2018 - Simulation-based Education Framework Released

Health Education England (HEE) has released a national framework for the delivery of simulation-based education (SBE) across England. 

SBE is an educational tool, or technique that has a long history of use in healthcare, as well as other industries. Its popularity continues to grow, because it offers an experience that is as close to reality as possible for learners to increase their knowledge, team working abilities and confidence, without any risk of harm to patients. In this way, it can serve to improve both patient safety and patient and learner experience. 

HEE recognised that a cohesive approach was necessary to harness the benefits of SBE for learners, encouraging equity of access across the professions and reflecting the way healthcare is delivered. 

Working with leading healthcare experts in SBE, HEE has developed a framework that, through its supporting guidance and advice, will provide this cohesive approach for first class SBE that is nationally guided, but locally led and delivered. 

The framework will support sharing and collaboration, whilst at the same time encouraging innovation, ultimately producing a strategic approach that will uphold the HEE strategic vision. 

HEE is keen that the framework is shared widely throughout health and social care. Likewise, the central team would like to encourage engagement and feedback, so that the framework becomes a living tool that is shaped by the needs of patients and learners alike.

Dr Mehengerise Cooper, Lead for Simulation, London School of Paediatrics said: “It’s wonderful that all this work is being done and the framework is being produced.  I have been working in simulation training for paediatric trainees since 2005 and have seen so much change over this time. Important areas of focus are:

As seen with our London School of Paediatrics on the Sim Faculty Development Programme, development of a sustained faculty that utilises their experience in TEL, as well as in education and de-briefing, which will prove beneficial to simulation

Accreditation and sustained and supported quality assurance of individuals, which will be key to the success of the framework.”

The SBE framework is accompanied by a suite of films that provide a background to its development. These films also offer greater insight into the many benefits of simulation-based education, in all its diverse forms, along with examples of how it works in practice. 

To provide feedback and for more information about the simulation-based education framework please email tel@hee.nhs.uk.


19/10/2018 - Concise Medicine Course

Please see at the bottom of the page the course flyer for the Concise Acute Medicine ad Cardiology courses. If you are interested in attending one of these courses please go to www.concisemedicine.co.uk


10/10/2018 - Engage Your Mind (EYM) Winning Mentality

The Engage Your Mind 'Moving Forward into Psychiatry' - Winning Mentality event will be taking place on Tuesday 6th November 2018 at Sheffield Medical School. Our speakers include:

Professor Steve Black is one of the most well known sports psychologists in the world, Steve is perhaps best known for his relationship with rugby player Jonny Wilkinson. He is capable of getting that extra 10% out of players. Wilkinson once wrote about him, "It is difficult to narrow down what Blackie’s strengths are because there are no weaknesses." 

Dr Nicoletta Lekka is a full-time NHS consultant in General Adult Psychiatry and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Medical Education. She is also a qualified coach specialising in work stress, burnout and resilience. Dr Lekka has been developing links between Dance professionals and Psychiatrists as she has a long-term interst in aesthetic sports and dancers' mental health. She is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Sports and Exercise Special Interst Group, of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) and of One Dance UK, supporting the Healthier Dancer Programme.
For more information please refer to the poster at the bottom of this page. To register please select the following link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/winning-mentality-tickets-51219429693