North Yorkshire and East Coast (NYEC) Academic Posts

"My academic rotation was in Respiratory Medicine. It gave me an incredible opportunity to get involved in clinical trials allowing me to develop my skills in statistics, writing peer-reviewed journals and enhancing my research skills. This in turn made me a much more rounded individual and therefore a more competitive candidate for core surgical training."

Dr Zainab Rai,
NYEC Academic Trainee, 2014-2016


YHFS Academic Foundation Programmes

North Yorkshire and East Coast

  • 21 Academic Research Programmes.
  • 3 Medical Education Programmes.
  • Collaboration with the Hull York Medical School
  • Enrolment on either the Postgraduate Certificate in Health Research & Statistics or the Postgraduate Certificate in Health Professions Education 

The full academic rotations for YHFS are available at the bottom of this page (filter by North East).

For further information regarding Medical Education placements, please see the example job description at the bottom of the page.


How to Apply

For details of how to apply, please see our Allocation Process section. If you have any queries, please contact


Projects and Supervisors

Projects and Supervisors

Academic Foundation Projects and Supervisors (for 4-month F2 projects Aug 18-Jul 19)

Academic Foundation placements are offered in the research areas indicated below:


Location Academic Supervisor

Clinical Specialty

Hull Prof Ian Chetter Surgery
Hull Prof Andrew Clark, Dr Angela Hoye Cardiology
Hull Prof Alyn Morice, Dr Simon Hart, Dr Michael Crooks Respiratory Medicine
Hull Prof Mike Lind Oncology
Hull Dr William Townend Emergency Medicine
Hull Dr David Hepburn, Dr Gabrielle Finn Medical Education
Hull Prof Thozhukat Sathyapalan Diabetes and Endocrinology
Hull Prof Sunil Bhandari Renal Medicine
Hull Prof Miriam Johnson Palliative Medicine
Hull Prof Joanne Reeve General Practice
Hull Dr Gavin Barlow Infection
Hull Prof Mahmoud Loubani Cardiothoracic surgery
York Prof Ian Watt Primary Care
York Prof Simon Gilbody Mental Health


PG Certificate Course in Health Research & Statistics

PG Certificate Course in Health Research & Statistics

As part of Academic Foundation Training, trainees are required to enrol on the PG Certificate course in Heath Research & Statistics at the Department of Health Sciences, University of York.

This mandatory programme has been designed to meet the educational needs of this group and is offered on a part-time basis. The programme is worth sixty credits spread over two years, with some modules offered as distance learning modules and others as face-to-face teaching. Thirty credits are compulsory and the rest are optional.  

Additionally, Dr Mona Kanaan, Senior Lecturer, has prepared two Powerpoint presentations: one giving an overview of the PG Certificate course and one specifically covering the Health Research Methods Module. Both can be found at the bottom of the page.

Feedback from this year's cohort has been very positive with an average of 90% agreeing or strongly agreeing that they were satisfied with the quality of the two modules that they have undertaken. Below are some of their comments on the two modules so far:

Health Research Methods, a distance learning module:
"Extremely informative lectures, covering extensive amounts of information and first principles."
 "Topics were great as an intro – exactly what I’d want to cover for a good grounding in health research."
" I really enjoyed the lecture on RCTs, the Hawthorne effect and the importance of regression to the mean and randomisation."
"Very interesting lectures."

Health & Social Statistics I, a face-to-face module:
" Clearly explained concepts during lectures and practical application of these has been very useful to my learning.  I have taken statistics courses previously but think that this module has significantly improved my understanding."
"The help received from staff – always very willing and eager to answer questions."
"Lecture followed by practical format.  Detailed lecture notes beforehand to allow pre-reading and familiarisation with topic.  Teaching style – interesting and enjoyable."

The PG Certificate in Health Research and Statistics is a mandatory part of the NYEC Academic Foundation Programme.  Trainees who do not successfully complete the first year of the PG Certificate during FY1 will not progress to the second year and will be withdrawn from the Academic Foundation Programme.

Please note that Academic Medical Education trainees will not take this course and will instead be enrolled on the HYMS Postgraduate Certificate in Health Professions Education.