Sources of Support

There is a wide range of local, regional and national sources of support should a trainee find themselves in difficulty (for whatever reason). 

Trainees who find themselves in difficulty are encouraged to speak to their Clinical Supervisors, Educational Supervisors or Training Programme Directors promptly in order to get the most appropriate support.


Well-being Resources

The Yorkshire and the Humber Foundation School team has compiled an extensive list of the local, regional and national resources available to trainees of all levels. It is a living document which is edited and updated on a regular basis. It was last updated in May 2019. 

The information is held in the Well-being Resources document.

If you have any resources that you would like to be added to the document please contact the Foundation team (


Local counselling

Health Education England - Yorkshire and the Humber funds local counselling services for both Doctors and Dentists alike. One-to-one counselling is provided on a confidential self-referral basis. Full details can be found on the Learner Support website. 

North, East & West Yorkshire: "Take Time"

South Yorkshire: Workplace Wellbeing


Freedom to Speak Up Guardiansfreedom_to_speak.png

All NHS trusts have a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian to support all staff members to speak up about their concerns.

These concerns can be raised anonymously. 

For more information, please review the Freedom to Speak Up programme on the eLfH website. This includes details on the role and supporting videos. 

To find your local guardian please use the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Directory.


Careers advice

Uncertainty about career options can be a cause of stress and anxiety. 

The Foundation School aims to help trainees make informed decisions about their future through the "Regional Training Day 1 - Careers" for F1s and F2s. There is also a wide range of online resources for foundation doctors which can be accessed via the "Additional resources" document (see documents at the bottom of the page).


SuppoRTT (Supported Return To Training)

Many trainees take a period of absence from training for a number of reasons which can often vary in duration. This can include; Parental leave, OOP, Carers leave and Sickness. HEE understands that regardless of the reason, returning back into training can be a difficult and stressful time for a trainee. However, you are not on your own, Health Education England and your School are here to support and guide you through this process.

For further information please access the SuppoRTT website or contact the SuppoRTT team at


Less Than Full-time Training (LTFT)

Health Education England, working across Yorkshire and the Humber (HEEYH) offers support to all trainees who, for well-founded individual reasons, wish to be considered for Less than Full-time Training (LTFT). The intention is to keep doctors within the NHS who might otherwise leave due to an inability to work on a full-time basis. LTFT is available to all training grades within HEEYH. 

The key aims of LTFT training are:

  • To retain doctors within the NHS workforce who are unable to train on a full-time basis
  • To promote career development and work/life balance for doctors training within the NHS
  • To ensure continued training in programmes on a time-equivalent (pro rata) basis
  • To maintain a balance in LTFT arrangements with regards to educational needs and those of the service

NB: All foundation trainees across Yorkshire are supported by the LTFT team at the HEE Head Office in Hull. 

For further information please access the LTFT website or contact the Foundation LTFT team at