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Employment - Salary, Annual leave etc. FAQs

These are the most frequently asked questions about salary and employment during your Foundation Training in Yorkshire and the Humber. 


How much will I get paid (base salary and banding)?

The basic salary for an F1 doctor can be found on

Some posts within HEE YH may carry a banding supplement. However, this occurs at the trust's discretion so they should be contacted if further information is required about specific placements. 

How much leave do I get?

Annual leave works out at 9 days per 4 month post (plus bank holidays) but is organised locally within Trusts/departments – this may be planned into the rota or more flexible.

In F1, GMC requirements state that if you miss more than 4 weeks training, over and above your statutory leave (annual leave and approved study leave) you may fail to obtain F1 sign off and hence full registration.

Where can I get my salary, banding and on-call information?

Salary, banding and on-call are all managed by the Trusts. You should contact the Employing Trust. Contact details are usually available on the Trusts' websites.

I am applying for a house. Can you provide proof of employment and salary?

If you require references for a mortgage or letting agencies to confirm your salary and banding please contact your local trust human resources or wages department. 

Please do not contact the Yorkshire and the Humber Foundation School as we do not have any information on salary and banding.

Can I train in a Less Than Full Time (LTFT) capacity?

Any trainee in a substantive HEE approved post can apply for less than full time training, but must have well founded reasons and meet the nationally agreed eligibility criteria.

Applicants must have been successfully appointed to a full-time programme before they are able to apply.

Further information about LTFT training can be found on our website here.

Please direct any queries about LTFT training during your Foundation Programme to

Can I take out from my foundation training?

Trainees wishing to take a year out of their training between F1 and F2 may apply for TOFP, subject to approval by the FS. HEE YH is happy to support applications subject to demand.

Can I undertake my F2 year abroad?

Since 2010 entry, HEE YH Foundation schools are no longer able to support trainees wishing to do F2 abroad.

What travel, relocation and removal expenses am I eligible to claim?
Where can I find information about accommodation at the hospital I will be working at?

Information about accommodation can be obtained from individual Trusts. Contact details can be found on the Trusts' websites.