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Reflective Practice 

There is a wide range of resources to support you to write reflections. Some of the models used may not fit the reflection form on the HORUS ePortfolio but they can be adapted and provide further details on how to reflect effectively. 


The Reflective Practitioner - guidance for doctors and medical students

  • This guidance outlines the importance of reflection for personal development and learning
  • It highlights how reflection can help maintain and improve standards of professional practice and patient care 
  • It includes key advice on how best to being a reflective practitioner 


Reflective Narratives

  • Collection of stories from doctors about a specific reflection and how it has contributed to their professional development


Academy and COPMeD Reflective Practice Toolkit

  • Extensive advice on writing reflections including templates and examples of different reflective models
  • It aims to facilitate best reflective practice on a range of activities and events