Can I change the specialties or the order of my placements?

No changes to the order of programmes or specialties are permitted once applicants have been allocated, unless there are significant reasons (usually health grounds). Each applicant is asked to rank programmes in their preferred order and is allocated a programme using their application and interview scores. Changing the orders after the programmes have been allocated would not be fair to the other applicants, and as such no requests to change will be approved.

If you are unhappy with the specialties you have been allocated, you can discuss this with your educational supervisor or foundation training programme director, and/or attend taster days.

Can I do my F2 year abroad?

HEE Yorkshire and the Humber Foundation Schools do not support applications to complete F2 abroad.

Can I repeat specialties?

Guidance states that your F2 placements should not repeat specialities already experienced in F1. However, specialties of a general nature (i.e. General Medicine/Surgery with a specific sub specialty e.g. General Surgery - Colorectal / General Surgery - Respiratory) can be repeated in F2.

Can I swap posts for my F2 year?

From August 2014, HEE Yorkshire and the Humber Foundation programmes have been 2 year linked programmes. Allocations are now for the full 2 year programme and you will not be able to swap posts between your first and second year.

Do I need to rank all programmes?

Once you have been allocated to HEE YH as your Unit of Application, you will then rank the HEE YH three foundation schools (groups) in order of preference.

Once allocated to a foundation school, you need to rank the programmes for that foundation school. (NYEC / WY / SY)

To give yourself the best opportunity of being allocated to a programme of your choice, it is advised that you rank all the programmes for that school.