YHFS Strategy for Foundation Teaching Post COVID

We appreciate that in these exceptional times that we need to be more flexible with Foundation teaching requirements. The current situation we are in means face to face meetings will be more limited and we need to have an entrepreneurial approach to how we facilitate this.

This is a proposed structure for how things could be adapted.



Social distancing and Trust variability in room size and IT platforms. (IT platform options being looked at by HEE)

One size will not fit all



Trainees and trainers becoming much more comfortable with virtual platforms

60 hours per year teaching log

SDT for Foundation doctors

Script increased usage

Sharing best practice

Bank of teaching materials / shared regional resources


Generic support:

TPD Zoom licences

HEE National Website Platform (we should be able to have a YH section)

National resources e.g. East Anglia WAM https://vimeo.com/407649011 and https://vimeo.com/410596499

“How to do Zoom sessions” – help in how to set up virtual teaching. HEE is looking at this and further guidance to follow

Shared regional resources would need a generic platform. TBC




Lunchtime teaching- perform locally either

  1. Face to face socially distanced (+/- video link) (+/- virtual platform trust based)
  2. Virtual platform alone
  3. Online resource e.g. PowerPoint + notes/video
  4. Last resort – eLearning / eLFH


Regional teaching

  1. In house virtual platform +/- recording for later use
  2. Fdocs facilitated virtual platform +/- recording for later use
  3. OMS sim training (60 days free)




Regional teaching

  1. In house virtual platform +/- recording for later use
  2. OMS sim training (60 days free)
  3. Online resource e.g. EA WAM



CI 06/05/2020