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Horus ePortfolio


You will be using the Horus ePortfolio during your two-year Foundation Programme. The primary purpose of the ePortfolio in the Foundation Programme is to help you record and reflect on your progress and achievements. 

It includes the following:

  1. Personal development plans
  2. Summaries of feedback from the educational supervisor
  3. Clinical supervisors’ reports
  4. Significant achievements or difficulties
  5. Reflections of educational activity
  6. Engagement with supervised learning evaluation tools
  7. Career reflections
  8. Results of the Foundation Programme assessments.


Your ePortfolio will be reviewed to inform the judgement about whether you have met the requirements for satisfactory completion of F1 and the Foundation Programme.

You will be issued with a login and password as well as the name of your educational supervisor whom you will be matched to. We hope to arrange ePortfolio training sessions.

Please ensure you add your personal details including your GMC number, mobile telephone number and email address. You will be contacted via the ePortfolio which will send an email alert to your email address informing you there is a message waiting for you on the ePortfolio so it is essential that you enter your email address.

For all queries relating to the Horus ePortfolio, please visit the Horus Support Site.

There is a range of helpful video tutorials that cover how to use some of the key components of the ePortfolio.