Taster Days

Foundation doctors have the opportunity to attend Taster days, observing a specialty they may not have worked in to help guide their future career choices. There are a range of taster opportunities available, for which Foundation doctors are able to arrange days themselves, with their employing Trust, tailored to their needs.

Foundation Trainees wishing to attend a Taster day are required to apply for leave. Granting this leave is at the discretion of the department the trainee is working for. Up to 5 taster days can be taken across F1. (These don’t all have to be taken in F1, some could be taken in F2.) It is preferred that no more than 3 days are taken in one training year, except in exceptional circumstances. If more than 3 taster days are to be taken within a single training year this must be discussed with both the ES and FTPD in advance. F1s should discuss career aspirations with their educational supervisor and review their requirement and timing for tasters around the middle of the F1 year. 

If you wish to attend a Taster day and your supervisor feels it is appropriate for you to attend, please use the forms below and return them to your Foundation Coordinator and/or Medical Education Centre at least 6 weeks prior to your planned Taster Day.

The form must be signed by your rota coordinator or medical staffing coordinator, and your FTPD. You will also need to inform your department or ward and make arrangements for your duties to be covered.

To find out more, please make enquiries within your hospital to the specialty you wish to have experience of and/or contact the foundation coordinator at other hospitals if a specialty is not available at your hospital. Contact details of the foundation coordinators can be found on the respective Trust pages on our website.


For more information see the Study Leave Guidance in the documents section below.