Higher Anaesthesia Recruitment


Yorkshire and the Humber is a geographically large training region. For this reason we have split into three distinct training locations, centred around one of the Teaching Hospitals, for the purpose of maintaining a reasonable and limited commute distance for our trainees. These three locations are termed “Hubs” and are named according to the central Teaching Hospital involved- Leeds Hub, Hull Hub and Sheffield Hub. Details of the hospitals within each “Hub” area are detailed in the “about my school” section.

Yorkshire advertises Higher ST3 Anaesthesia posts twice annually. This will be for February and August Intakes. Higher Anaesthesia is a 5 year programme. Details can be found on the RCOA Website. Essentially, training is split into Intermediate, higher and Advanced Training.  Completion of the programme will result in a Certificate of Completion of Training in Anaesthesia, and will permit application for Consultant posts in Anaesthesia.

Posts available are advertised on ANRO, and will be detailed as Sheffield Hub rotations, Leeds Hub rotations and Hull Hub rotations. The first 3 years of training will be advertised as distinct posts. The 4th and 5th year are not outlined as it will depend on advanced module preference.

Sheffield Hub could include the following Local Education Providers : Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley, Mid Yorkshire, Scunthorpe and Leeds.

Leeds Hub could include the following Local Education Providers :  Leeds, Bradford, Mid Yorkshire, Calderdale, Harrogate, York, Hull.

Hull Hub could include the following Local Education Providers : Hull, York, Scarborough, Scunthorpe and Grimsby, Leeds, Mid Yorkshire and Sheffield.

Details of the hospitals on each rotation can be found in the “About your programme” section, as can information about the changes to the rotation that were made in 2018. Please note the hospitals rotated through at Higher Anaesthesia level are slightly different to those rotated through at Core / ACCS level. 

Interviews are held at a regional centre for HEE North, which is currently held in Manchester.

National recruitment process can be accessed by visiting the RCOA webpages and /or National recruitment website.


The job specification and self assessment criteria are updated annually, so please check the relevant websites to have up to date information