Study Leave

"Study Leave" in the traditional sense no longer exists. In days gone by each trainee had a notional study leave budget in terms of time and money. They would then apply for courses/study days etc in areas that interested them or seemed important and could use up their budget as they saw fit. Unfortunately, this caused imbalances between what individual trainees were experiencing and led to situations where study budgets were used up despite trainees not having completed some essential components of their curriculum.

This was replaced in 2013 by the concept of "Curriculum Delivery"

This new paradigm is that there are certain courses/activities that have been deemed necessary to attend to support the curriculum but are not directly encountered during "in-theatre" training. These should, in theory, be mandatory.


  1. You are allowed 30 days per year to attend educational activities
  2. You will only be funded to attend courses/activities required for Curriculum Delivery
  3. The approved courses differ for each stage of training.
  4. You must apply 6 weeks in advance to your local Post Graduate centre. Applications less than 6 weeks in advance may be rejected when you try to claim the money back
  5. You should do all the courses/activities approved for your stage of training

NB: At ST level you will be funded to attend one "Career Interest" course/conference, e.g. if interested in Vascular Anaesthesia you might be funded to attend the 2-day VASGBI meeting.


Am I entitled to Study Leave for exam preparation?

This is decided at local hospital level. Enquire directly with your College Tutor.

How do I apply for leave for required courses? How do I request reimbursement?

The procedure for applying for "study leave" for required courses, including the reimbursement of costs is available through the generic HEE pages HERE

Can I be funded to do a course on this list outside Health Education England - Yorkshire and the Humber?

Only if it cannot be delivered in our Deanery

Can I be funded to do a course not on this list?

Possibly, the school has a responsibility to deliver the curriculum as set by the RCoA. Where there is an occasional underspend in the budget, the Head of School can allocate additional funding. Apply directly to Dr Horn or Dr Jackson

Do I have a personal annual budget for study leave?

No, the curriculum delivery budget is not calculated on a per-capita basis.

What has happened to the Final Fellowship exam course?

As it was not well attended and many people did not find it useful it has been discontinued. However, if you need support with your exam and want to attend an external course you may request funding by applying to Dr Horn or Dr Jackson

I have a sub-specialty interest, can I have funding for courses not on this list?

Possibly, the school is working with the TPDs to agree recommended courses for sub-specialty trainees i.e. ICM, pain, cardiac, neuro, paeds. Apply directly to Dr Horn or Dr Jackson

I wish to present a poster presentation overseas. Can this be funded?

No, the Deanery does not fund overseas courses/conferences. If the presentation is original research that is a free paper or likewise, there is a chance to obtain a bursary. However, the total cost cannot be funded. Apply to Dr Horn or Dr Jackson

I have asked to be an ATLS/APLS/ALS Instructor? Is the Instructor course funded?

This will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the TPD for post-Primary FRCA trainees. Please seek their approval BEFORE paying any course fees as reimbursement is not guaranteed.

I would like to request a bit of extra time to pursue a non-clinical opportunity (e.g. QI project). Can I get some SPA time like a consultant?

The new SPA policy for trainees can be accessed from the previous page by clicking on the "SPA for Trainees" blue box, or following the link HERE.