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Principles of the Yorkshire Modular Training Programme (YMTP).

The Yorkshire Modular Training Programme (YMTP) provides training for Obstetric & Gynaecology trainees in the Yorkshire & Humber region from ST1 - ST5. Teaching sessions are provided throughout the region to ensure all trainees receive a standardised level of training. The curriculum for the YMTP follows that of the RCOG logbook, which can be found on the RCOG web site here. Please see the separate page for more information about advanced training (ST6-7).

This is a comprehensive training programme with teaching to meet logbook requirements as well as providing practical skills training, e.g. Basic Practical Skills, Basic Ultrasound training, and part 2 & part 3 exam preparation courses.

The programme is funded by pooling the HEE study leave budget for ST1-5 trainees, which allows us to provide a much wider range of courses than trainees would be able to access individually. However, there is no additional funding for external or individual courses although the programme does not utilise the full entitlement of study leave time and therefore, at the discretion of the College tutor and local education provider, trainees may take additional time provided the training is funded from non-HEE sources or self-funded (refer to the study leave policy for more information here).  

Communication with the YMTP Office

Most of our communication with you will be via e-mail.

Your email account must be an, or gmail account only.

If we cannot contact you because we do not have up to date and valid contact details then it will affect your ability to engage in the educational process.

We will email you when timetables become available and when relevant new information is available. However, it is your responsibility to check the web site on a regular basis.

Modular Year Groups

You will be allocated to a teaching year based upon your training year. Each year will have its own teachings, apart from years 3 and 4 which will have joint teachings over a 2 year programme.

If you are unsure which year of training is applicable to you please see your Educational Supervisor or College Tutor.

Teaching Years


      ST Year











The YMTP timetable is arranged to give each trainee two opportunities to attend each teaching course in a 12 month period (24 months for Years 3 and 4). Please note that if you are a LTFT trainee then you will only be allowed to attend half the total number of teachings required in 12 months.

Please note that the YMTP can only provide teaching sessions for your current level and cannot back fill training that was not completed, either whilst out of the region or due to non-attendance. You may choose to fund yourself to back fill courses, this can be arranged with the course co-ordinator responsible for the specific course.

Attendance at YMTP

The Yorkshire Modular Training Programme is your study leave and you are entitled to be released for these sessions.

It is your responsibility to arrange with your College Tutor (or whoever is nominated by them), attendance at the teachings. You will need to co-operate with and cross-cover your colleagues to ensure that you can all attend. The key to success is forward planning, communication and co-operation. Study leave forms must be submitted for all elements of your YMTP training, including ultrasound and laparoscopy simulator sessions. (LINK to S/l form)

To effectively co-ordinate this between the trainee, service requirements and YMTP office, it is extremely important that the trainee ensures their release for the required days. Once booked we assume that you will attend on these dates. It is NOT our responsibility to chase you once you have booked your place.

All bookings for YMTP courses are now made via this website.

Whilst there are no charges to you for attending the programme, it is not free. In accordance with Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber's Policy, failure to notify non-attendance at least two working days prior to these dates will incur a charge of £80 per day not attended. Courses that take external candidates will incur a higher charge, commensurate with the external rate. 

You will be fined £80 if you are more than 1 hour late from the given start time without contacting the number given on the programme. It would be useful to ensure that you have this number with you for traveling to the teaching. If you are unsure of the telephone number to ring please contact the YMTP Office.

If you arrive more than one hour late from the start time of registration and do not contact the number given on the programme, you will be fined £80.00 for a standard training day. Courses that take external candidates will incur a higher charge, commensurate with the external rate.

These are the following courses and fines for non-attendance:

  • RCOG - BPS - £175 per day, after we have received your signed application form.
  • MRCOG Part II revision- £100 per day, after we have received your signed application form.
  • MRCOG Part III revision - £100 per day, after we have received your signed application form.

All non-attendance and lateness fines have the backing of the Trainees’ Committee.

A message can be left at the Modular training office 24 hours a day by telephone, email or fax, details here.


All YMTP courses have a ‘sign in’ to confirm attendance from which certification is produced.

You must complete the online evaluation in order to receive your certificate of attendance.

For courses longer than 1 day, you must attend all days to complete the programme and receive certification. 

Flowchart for YMTP Course Evaluation & Certification