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YMTP Calendar 2019-2020 to confirm 

YMTP Programme (St1-5).


  • Spread your teachings as best as you can between the first and second half of the academic year. See the matrix course requirements of the YMTP programme for your year of training.
  • Please ensure you have submitted a study leave application which has been approved prior to booking on to a course.
  • Non-attendance fines apply once the booking has been made.
  • YMTP booking coupon code is only required where stated - on MRCOG revision courses


* December 2019 - Programme booking system moving to Leeds Medical Education Maxcourse January 2020. Emailed details to follow*





Year 1

Year 1 is first point of entry into the specialty and is thus geared to the Basic part of the logbook and attaining part 1 MRCOG.


1st - 3rd April 2020 Bootcamp: now full

Session Title




Hysteroscopy Course

Jan Link 





HALO Course

17 Feb Link  

28 Feb Link

14 April Link

24 April link







Basic USS



March Link  FULL





Basic Practical Skills

February Link




Basic Obs Teaching






Basic Gynae Teaching







Care of the Critically Ill Childbearing Mother






Year 2

Year 2 is designed for ST2s with MRCOG Part I and is thus geared to the basic part of the logbook.



Session Title



Core Obstetric Teaching





Core Gynaecology Teaching


Dec Link FULL

April Link



Perineal Trauma

January link FULL

May Link FULL


ROBUST Operative Delivery Course





STEP UP and Practice OSCE.




A Day at Work




Laparoscopy and benign Gynae

Jan Link  FULL

June Link  FULL



Year 3

Year 3 is geared to the Intermediate sections of the logbook and the MRCOG Part II examination.


Session Title



















Clinical Research & Quality Improvement:

increasing quality of patient care




BOTOUS(obstetric us competency assessment)



Menopause Teaching




Early Pregnancy & Acute Gynaecology




Intermediate Obstetric Teaching

Jan Link

Feb Link






Year 4

Year 4 is designed for with MRCOG Part II and is thus geared to the Intermediate part of the logbook.


Session Title







MRCOG Part 3 Revision Course





MRCOG Part 2 Theory Revision Course









Maternal Medicine  


Infertility Teaching    
Fetal Medicine    
Urogynae Teaching    
Medico-Legal and Ethics    




Year 5

If you have completed your MRCOG it is possible to apply for one of your two allocated ATSM courses if you wish, however note this means that you will only be entitled to one further funded ATSM course in year 6 or 7.

Session Title Link                                                      Dates
Maternal Medicine  
Fetal Medicine  
Gynaecology Oncology  
Advanced Laparoscopy             
Forensic Gynaecology  

MRCOG Part  3 revision Course 




MRCOG Part 2 Theory revision course



Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber (HEE YH) has developed a range of courses with the aim to provide access to generic skills as well as personal and professional development which supports and enhances good medical practice. Further information on these HEE YH delivered courses can be found on the Generic Skills section. If you have any enquires regarding these courses please use the PGMDE contact for each course and not the YMTP office.

Please note that all these courses have a waiting list for attendance we would therefore advise you to register as early as possible.


Year 5 as Trainers

There are a number of opportunities within the YMTP to gain experience as a trainer. Most units hold one or more YMTP teaching weeks/courses which you could be involved with, please contact your College Tutor for further information.