Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber


Specialty training within Yorkshire and the Humber occurs in hospitals grouped in either the West, East or South sector of the region.

Our Region

Training within the School of Obstetrics and Gynaecology takes place in North and East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. This large region spreads from Scarborough to Scunthorpe and Halifax to Hull, embracing Leeds and Sheffield and a population of about 5 million patients! Within it are urban conurbations and many rural areas (the Peak District, Dales and Moors, and the spectacular East Coast). There are numerous cultural and sporting opportunities, and historic sites. Further details can be found on the 'Yorkshire Visitor' and ' Yorkshire Dales' websites. 

Foundation Training

Many hospitals in the region offer F1 and F2 rotations with the opportunity to gain skills in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, usually in posts of 4 months in the two year foundation rotational appointment. This period does not count for specialist training but affords an opportunity to experience working as part of the specialist team, gain understanding of the specialty and may lead the doctor choosing to apply for a specialist program, equipped with an understanding of the specialty and clinical competencies in the specialty which  trainees will be encouraged to gain. For more information on foundation training, please visit the Foundation Training page.

Specialty Training

Training is delivered in accord with a curriculum produced by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and approved by GMC. Training is managed and quality assured within the Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education (PGMDE) department and subject to external visits by GMC. Training is divided into three domains; basicintermediate and advanced specialty training.

The Yorkshire Modular Training Programme (YMTP) will aid candidates in  their basic and intermediate training. Attendance is compulsory at the appropriate level for the candidate. The training currently occurs twice yearly in blocks and trainees will attend one or other of the relevant blocks. In addition all hospitals have their own educational programmes directed around the curriculum of their trainees. Documentary evidence of attendance at the YMTP is required for ARCP progression, and should be detailed on the trainee's eportfolio. The YMTP offers a MRCOG part 2 course for trainees. The study leave budget for training in basic and intermediate training is committed to YMTP.

The Yorkshire Modular Training Programme (YMTP) provides teaching sessions throughout the region to ensure all trainees receive a standardised level of training. Full details of the Yorkshire Modular Training Programme are available.

Person specifications for doctors applying for specialty training posts are available on the RCOG website.