National Otolaryngology (ENT) ST3 Recruitment.


The National Recruitment Office for ST3 Otolaryngology (ENT) is Health Education England - Yorkshire and the Humber. We are recruiting to posts across England and Scotland. All posts have the required educational and Dean’s approval.

Applications open at 10am on the 29th January and the closing date is 4pm on the 19th February 2020.  All interviews will be held in Hull on 23rd and 24th March 2020.  Applicants submit one application electronically for all vacancies via the Oriel recruitment portal. A brief summary of the recruitment process is provided below, but please refer to the Applicant Handbook for a full guide.

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For information regarding the vacancies currently available, please see the list below.

All vacancy information is indicative and subject to change


Location Vacancy Numbers Extra Information
Recruitment Timeline

The recruitment process for National Otolaryngology (ENT) ST3 2020 will follow the timeline below:



 Applications Open  29th January 2020, 10am
 Application Deadline  19th February 2020, 4pm
 Longlisting  TBC
 Interviews  23rd & 24th March 2020
 Initial Offers Released by            5pm 23rd April 2020
 Holding Deadline  1pm 29th April 2020
 Upgrade Deadline  4pm 1st May 2020

Applications will only be accepted through the 2020 Oriel Recruitment Portal

If you would like to learn more about the introduction of Oriel please search for 'User Guide' in the Oriel Resource Bank.

For further guidance on creating an account, registering and submitting your application using the system please refer to the Oriel Applicant guide.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications is 16:00 on 19th February 2020. After this time no applications will be accepted. There will be no exceptions to this deadline. You are advised to complete and submit your application ahead of the deadline to allow for any unforeseen problems.

Eligibility & Longlisting

The eligibility criteria for National Otolaryngology (ENT) ST3 2020 are listed in the Otolaryngology (ENT) ST3 Person Specification. It is an applicant’s responsibility to demonstrate that they meet the eligibility criteria.

All applications will be assessed against the eligibility criteria during longlisting. Any applications which do not meet the eligibility criteria will be longlisted out of the process and will not progress to the next stage.

“By allowing applicants to progress to the interview stage, Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber HAS NOT accepted or confirmed that applicants meet all eligibility requirements.  This includes immigration status, evidence of achievement of Foundation competencies or equivalent, and requisite length of time in training as per the relevant national person specification.  This list is not exhaustive, and is applicable to all eligibility criteria.  Applicants may still be withdrawn from the application process at any stage, including after the interviews have taken place, if the evidence pertaining to an eligibility criterion is found to be unsatisfactory by Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber.”


We are currently not expecting to shortlist applications, however if the number of longlisted applications exceed the interview capacity a shortlisting process may be introduced.


Interview Dates and Venue

The interviews for National Otolaryngology (ENT) ST3 2020 will take place at the KC Stadium, Hull on 23rd and 24th March 2020.

View further information on directions and for more information about the venue.


Documents Required at Interview

There are a number of documents that you are required to bring with you to interview.

Please bring the following documents:

  • Your Portfolio containing ONLY the evidence to substantiate your Self-Assessment form responses and the Self Assessment Checklist. You must put these documents in separate sections in your Portfolio and in the order of the questions (as per the Checklist), with the Checklist provided on this page at the front to ensure your Self-Assessment evidence can be easily identified.
  • Original passport AND 1 COPY OF the signature and photograph pages (therefore 2 pages in total).
  • Original current GMC Proof of Registration 
  • Evidence that you have been awarded or successfully completed all parts of MRCS and DOHNS or MRCS (ENT) AND 1 COPY
  • Other original membership exam certificates (if applicable) AND 1 COPY

Interview Format

Please note:- Candidates should expect a period of waiting between their arrival time and interview, this is essential and to allow for documents to be checked and portfolios to be collected and studied by the assessors. We therefore suggest candidates bring some food and a book or other silent form of entertainment.

Please note that interviews can run over for a number of reasons. We strongly advise that you take this into consideration both for the time you're ex[ected to be there and for your return travel.

Details are available in the ENT Applicant Guide (above).


Travel and Subsistence Expenses

Applicants attending interviews are entitled to a travel and subsistence allowance. A claim can be made via the online system, Selenity. Information regarding how to use the system and the poicy can be found in the 'Expenses' section on the following site: . You are strongly advised to read the guidance document in full before incurring any expenses. Claims made outside of the policy will not be reimbursed.

Claims must be made within a strict 28 days of your interview date. Claim forms received after this period will not be processed. Receipts must be attached for all travel and subsistence claimed except mileage.



You will be asked to rank your preferences using the Oriel Recruitmnent Portal. You will receive an email when Preferencing is available. This is anticipated a date soon after the interviews have taken place.

All Offers are made through the Oriel Recruitment system

The Oriel Recruitment Portal will be used to make all offers to training posts in 2020.


Allocation to Posts

Successful candidates will be allocated to posts in rank order:

  • The highest ranked candidate will be allocated to their first preferenced post.
  • The second ranked candidate will be allocated to their first preferenced post unless it has already been allocated to the first ranked candidate in which case they will be allocated their second preferenced post.
  • The third ranked candidate will be allocated to their first preferenced post unless it has already been allocated to the first or second ranked candidates. If it has, they will be allocated their second preferenced post unless this has been allocated to the first or second ranked candidates in which case they will be offered their third preference.

This process will continue until all posts are allocated or there are no more appointable candidates.

Any offer made through this recruitment process is an offer of an allocation to a training programme; it is not an offer of employment. Offers of employment can only be by an employing organisation following completion of satisfactory pre-employment checks.


Receiving and Responding to Offers

If you are offered a post you will have 48 hours from the time of your offer, excluding weekends (but not bank holidays), to decide whether to accept, reject or hold it. You must respond to the offer through the Oriel Recruitment Portal. No other form of response will be accepted.


For more information about responding to offers, please refer to the Oriel Applicant Guide which can be downloaded from



Feedback will be provided at three stages of the recruitment process:


If you are not longlisted you will be provided with the reasons for this. If you are longlisted you will receive an email inviting you to book an interview.

Interview Ranking

You will be able to view your total interview score and rank online through your Oriel account once offers are released. Please note that a thorough Quality Assurance and validation process is carried out on all applicants’ scores following the interviews. No scores will be released until this process is complete.

Interview Scores

Following the conclusion of the offers process, all applicants will be able to view a breakdown of their interview scores including the scores they achieved in each interview station online through their Oriel account.

Additional Information