Core Psychiatry CT1

Core Psychiatry Training in Yorkshire and the Humber

Applications are invited for the posts detailed below. For information about the Core Training programme please see the School of Psychiatry pages.

The expected duration of this training programme is 3 years subject to satisfactory progression. The actual duration may depend on the circumstances of individual trainees.

Before before beginning your application please read through all the relevant information available on the national recruitment website and associated links

In order to assess your suitability for this training programme please refer to the national Person Specifications.

Further sources of information

The Recruitment Process


National Psychiatry recruitment is led by Health Education England North West. For information about the recruitment process, including about how to apply, please see the National Recruitment Office.

Please ensure that you read the candidate guide to ensure that you are fully aware of the process involved and any new changes to that process.


Interviews for Core Psychiatry are hosted by Health Education North West. For more information about the interviews, see the link for the national recruitment office.

For those attending the interviews, please note that any travel expense claims will be dealt with by the National Recruitment Office. Please ensure that you submit your claim as soon as you can after the event to avoid any claims being refused.



Vacancy details, including indicative vacancy numbers, will be published by the national recruitment office. Please note vacancy information is indicative and subject to change at any time. Please refer to Oriel and the national recruitment office for current vacancy information.

The Core Psychiatry rotations within Yorkshire and the Humber are: North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire.

In regards to the West Yorkshire rotation successful applicants will be appointed as a core trainee to the West Yorkshire Core Psychiatry rotation.  Training is provided by 4 Mental Health Trusts: South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS  Foundation Trust (SWYFT), Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (BDCFT), Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT) and Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust (LCHT).   Dependent on the trainee’s own preferences and individual circumstances, coupled with their ranking in national recruitment, they will spend their first calendar year of their rotation in one of either SWYFT, BDCFT or LYPFT.  The trainee will liaise closely with their educational supervisor/college tutor during their core training years to discuss their individual circumstances and training needs.  The location of their remaining time in core training will be decided at the West Yorkshire core trainee allocations meeting held every 6 months. The meetings are attended by senior medical educators of all the employing Trusts and decisions incorporate the trainee’s view and the training needs of that individual.

For more information about the Core Psychiatry programme, please see School of Psychiatry pages.

Deferrals may be granted but are only possible for the reasons listed within the Gold Guide. It is only possible to grant deferrals if you have a ‘statutory’ reason, such as ill health or maternity leave. If you are offered a post but do need to defer, we ask that you contact the recruitment team ( as soon as possible after accepting your offer.

All vacancy information is indicative and subject to change at any time.

Programme Information

Rotation Details

Please see the School of Psychiatry webpages for more information on Core Training Programmes

Training Locations

Core Psychiatry training is provided within geographical schemes. Trainees will be expected to travel within the boundaries of the scheme for which they have accepted an offer.