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Public Health ST1.

The Yorkshire and Humber School of Public Health provides high quality training for people wishing to become Consultants in Public Health. The Programme provides a wide range of opportunities and experiences  in the NHS and with partners from other sectors and specialities. The Training Programme is open to both qualified medical doctors and those from backgrounds other than medicine.

The Programme is led by a Head of School and a Training Programme Director, supported by Educational Supervisors and Project Supervisors across the Yorkshire and Humber Region.

Training usually lasts for 5 years. This can be reduced for those candidates who already have an MPH or PhD. It is delivered in 3 phases:

Phase 1:                

Academic Phase. The first year of training is usually spent taking an academic course (full or part time) together with some time in a PCT and preparing for Part A of the MFPH examination.

Phase 2:                

After successfully passing Part A MFPH, trainees undertake a 3 month attachment with the Health Protection Agency. A successful outcome of this placement can result in being attached to the Public Health On-call Rota. Further time is spent at a PCT and in preparing for Part B of the MFPH examination.

Phase 3: 

Phase three of the programme allows trainees to develop special interests and to attend special placements. These include; HPA attachments, Academic Attachments, work with Local Authorities, the Department of Health, Regional Health Authority, Prison and offender health settings etc.

In order to assess your suitability for this training programme please refer to the national Person Specifications.

The expected duration of this training programme is 5 years subject to satisfactory progression. The actual duration may depend on the circumstances of individual trainees.

Further sources of information

The Recruitment Process

The National Recruitment Office for Public Health is NHS England- East Midlands on behalf of the Faculty of Public Health.

For information about the recruitment process, including timelines and information about how to apply, please visit their website.


Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber has:

Trainging Programme Vacancies Start Dates
Yorkshire and the Humber    


Successful applicants will be allocated to a specific placement by the Training Programme Director and Head of School following appointment.


This recruitment process is for posts commencing in (Currently no  vaccancies) 

All vacancy information is indicative and subject to change at any time

Programme Information

All Public Health trainees are required to gain experience in a number of different training locations, in order to be exposed to a wide range of organisational cultures and public health issues.

For more information about the rotation arrangements for Public Health trainees in Yorkshire and the Humber please visit the School of Public Health section.