2024 National Defined Route of Entry into Emergency Medicine (DRE-EM).


The national Recruitment Office for ST3 Defined Route of Entry - Emergency Medicine (DRE-EM) is Health Education England Yorkshire and the Humber. Interviews to be confirmed

There will be no face to face interviews in 2024, all interviews will be carried out remotely (dependant on future COVID developments/restrictions).  The interview process for national ST3 DRE-EM is currently being finalised and will be confirmed on here ASAP.

Quick Guide to Defined Route of Entry into Emergency Medicine (DRE-EM)

The Emergency Medicine ST3 DRE-EM Alternative Certificate of Competences is now available for applicants who's experience is from non GMC approved posts.

The alternative certificate can be found in the Oriel Resource Bank:


This document must be attached to your application on subimission. 

Further sources of information




NB Vacancy numbers are updated as they are submitted by the regional offices




East Midlands TBC
East of England TBC
London/KSS TBC
North West (Mersey) TBC
North West TBC
North East TBC
Thames Valley TBC
Scotland TBC
South West (Peninsular) TBC
South West (Severn) TBC
Wales TBC
Wessex TBC
West Midlands TBC
Yorkshire & the Humber TBC

NB These numbers are indicative and may be subject to change 

Recruitment Timeline

The recruitment process for ST3 Defined Route of Entry into Emergency Medicine will follow the timeline below:



Applications Open Thursday 16th November 2023 @10am
Application Deadline Thursday 7th December 2023 @4pm
Self-Assessment Validation Upload Window TBC
Interviews TBC
Initial Offers Released by Thursday 18th April 2024
Holding Deadline Thursday 23rd  April 2024 @ 1pm
Upgrade Deadline Wednesday 24th April 2024 @1pm

 NB The timeline may be subject to change

Eligibility & Shortlisting

The eligibility criteria for ST3 Defined Route of Entry into Emergency Medicine are listed in the 2024 Person Specification. It is an applicant’s responsibility to demonstrate that they meet the eligibility criteria.

All applications will be assessed against the eligibility criteria during longlisting. Any applications which do not meet the eligibility criteria will be longlisted out of the process and will not progress to the next stage.

Competence evidence advice to follow

If application numbers exceed interview capacity the self-assessment scores will be used to shortlist.


“By allowing applicants to progress to the interview stage, Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber HAS NOT accepted or confirmed that applicants meet all eligibility requirements.  This includes immigration status, evidence of achievement of Foundation competencies or equivalent, and requisite length of time in training as per the relevant national person specification.  This list is not exhaustive, and is applicable to all eligibility criteria.  Applicants may still be withdrawn from the application process at any stage, including after the interviews have taken place, if the evidence pertaining to an eligibility criterion is found to be unsatisfactory by Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber.”


Interview Dates


Interview Format


Travel and Subsistence Expenses

N/A for 2024 as no face to face interviews will be held

Additional Information

2023 Recruitment Results


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