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Appraisal is a discussion between the trainee and their educational supervisor about goals to be set or those that have been achieved. It should be a two-way communication that is informal, non-threatening, and confidential. The main aim of appraisal is to encourage and support the trainee. It is designed to help optimise training to the particular needs of individual trainees.  One of the outcomes of appraisal is the Personal Development Plan (PDP) for the coming year.



Assessment assures and improves the quality of postgraduate medical training, and thus optimises clinical practice.  It is the formal measurement of performance by specially developed and validated methods for the purposes of classifying an individual against a standard. Trainees will experience formative local assessments when they undertake Workplace Based Assessments and summative external assessments in the form of the College examinations. The college examinations are outlined on the RCR website and Workplace Based Assessments are described and recorded in the e-portfolio.

At the end of each placement a Placement Report must be completed by the clinical supervisor.

Kaizen eportfolio

18/07/2018 The RCR have issued the following statement:

The College’s new eportfolio, Kaizen, will be launching in early September 2018.  Some users have expressed concerns regarding the transition from the current system to Kaizen so below are a few things we would like to clarify:

Current trainees and users

All trainee data completed since the beginning of an individual’s clinical radiology or clinical oncology training will be moved to Kaizen, this includes anything stored in personal libraries.  However, from 12 August we ask you not to upload any further information to the NES system.  While the NES system will continue to run, any work completed on the current NES system after this date will not be moved to Kaizen.  This means there will be a gap of a few weeks until Kaizen launches so, if there is a requirement to carry out assessments, appraisals or post setup during this period, we advise you complete these as paper forms or as a digital version (word, excel etc) which can then be transcribed  into Kaizen after the launch. 

Trainee data relating to former training such as foundation, CMT and saved on those systems is outside the RCR’s control and will not be migrated to the new system so if you wish to retain this information it will need to be downloaded and saved elsewhere. You may still access this data from the Foundation or other sites but it will not appear in Kaizen.

Contact email

Please check and update your contact email address in the current eportfolio and on your membership details at the College website.  This is to ensure that your new login credentials for Kaizen go to the correct location.

Kaizen help page and training

Further information on Kaizen, user guides, videos and FAQs are being added to our website and will be updated as we go along.  Paper forms for appraisals will also be available on this webpage after the 12th August

If you have any further concerns, queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us at


Trainees are allocated an Educational Supervisor for the duration of training. They will hold regular meetings with the trainee to review progress. At the minimum this should include an annual induction appraisal, mid year review and end of year appraisal. These meetings will help inform the structured supervisor's report completed by the Educational Supervisor at the end of each training year for the annual ARCP.

The clinical supervisor for each attachment will complete the initial learning agreement and end of placement assessment forms for each attachment. The Educational Supervisor will review these forms with the trainee and use them to help complete the structured report for the ARCP.