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Hospitals on the Rotation.

The programme is based in the radiology departments at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (Royal Hallamshire Hospital and Northern General Hospital).  Weston Park Hospital (oncology) and Sheffield Children’s Hospital (paediatrics) provide specific sub-specialty training and are located next to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital on the “central campus”.  Valuable district general hospital experience is provided in 4 local hospitals that are affiliated to our Training Programme.

Hospitals within the training programme offer a full range of specialities including regional centres for neurosciences, cardiology and cardio-thoracic surgery, paediatrics and oncology. Supporting radiology facilities include all current imaging modalities and interventional procedures. The Academic Department of Radiology (led by a Sheffield University Professor of Radiology supported by three senior lecturers and a 2 Professors in MR Physics) is situated in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital adjacent to the main department. 

Further details on each of the hospitals are available from the menu below.


barnsley_hospital.jpegBarnsley District General Hospital

The radiology department at Barnsley, following redevelopment in 2007, consists of 7 Consultant radiologists and 10 advanced practitioner radiographers providing a wide range of imaging including intervention and breast imaging.

Most of the consultants in the department are from the Sheffield Radiology Training Scheme.

The department has 4 ultrasound rooms, 2 screening rooms, 3 general rooms and a 1.5T static MRI scanner. 2 CT 64 Slice CT scanners with the latest 64-slice CT scanner installed in 2009. Nuclear medicine is sited in the main department and consists of recently acquired SPECT CT, dual headed gamma camera; blood labelling facilities and on-site radiopharmacy. The Breast Imaging department and a further Ultrasound suite is present in the Maternity block. There are 2 newly acquired biopsy phantoms which can be used to improve interventional skills.

We have had trust wide PACS since 2005.

All our lists are consultant led. We usually have one specialist registrar attached at a time, which allows great freedom in training and workload selection to reflect the interests and needs of the individual.

Trainees are encouraged to take responsibility for their own cases and there are many opportunities to gain hands on experience and confidence in all types of modalities. Apart from General radiology the trainees also have the opportunity to further develop their subspecialty interests in Chest, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Breast, Musculoskeletal and Nuclear imaging.

The department as a whole is a very friendly and welcoming place with positive feedback from radiology registrars rotating through the department.

Consultant Radiologists:

Dr D Raw, Clinical Lead, Consultant Radiologist

Special interests – Cross sectional Imaging, Gynaecology, Gastrointestinal and non-vascular interventional Radiology.


Dr S Yates, Consultant Radiologist

Special interests-Cross sectional imaging, Gastrointestinal and non-vascular interventional Radiology


Dr N Ley, Consultant Radiologist, College Tutor

Special interests- Cross sectional imaging and Nuclear medicine


Dr A Alexandris, Consultant Radiologist

Special interests- Cross sectional imaging, chest and cardiac imaging


Dr F Cooke, Consultant Radiologist

Special interests- Cross sectional imaging, Breast and Chest imaging.


Dr D Darby, Consultant Radiologist

Special interests- Cross sectional imaging and Chest


Dr P Mc Andrew, Consultant Radiologist

Special interests- Cross sectional imaging and head and neck imaging.


Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Armthorpe  Road , Doncaster, DN2 5LT 

Tel: 01302 366666


The present Trust was formed on 1st April 2001. We have featured consistently in the list of the Top 40 Hospitals and were awarded a Government Charter Mark on three consecutive occasions.  The Trust was a ‘pilot site’ for the 18 week pathway and in December 2007 was one of only 3 Trusts in the country to achieve the targets identified. We became an NHS Foundation Trust in 2004 and achieved recognition as a Teaching Hospital in 2017.

The Trust provides a wide range of health services at our three hospitals (Bassetlaw Hospital in Worksop, Doncaster Royal Infirmary, and Montagu Hospital, Mexborough) and community locations, including Retford Hospital and Chequer Road Clinic. We serve a population of approximately 420,000 in a number of community locations, including prisons. We have a full range of district general hospital services, with some regional services. We have 24-hour emergency surgery. 

 In 2014/15 we had a turnover of £355.9m and 172,023 people attended our hospitals for emergency care, 62,975 of whom were admitted to a ward.  We also delivered 5,084 babies and treated 51,962 patients as planned day cases, 10,376 patients having planned inpatient care, and 560,648 outpatients (including maternity but excluding clinical therapies).

bassetlaw.jpg montagu.jpgdri.jpg

Doncaster Royal Infirmary          Montagu Hospital     Bassetlaw Hospital

Doncaster Royal Infirmary (DRI)

DRI is a large acute hospital with over 500 beds, a 24-hour Emergency Department (ED), and trauma unit status. In addition to the full range of district general hospital care it also provides some specialist services including vascular surgery. It has inpatient, day case and outpatient facilities.

Bassetlaw Hospital in Worksop (BDGH)

Bassetlaw is an acute hospital with over 170 beds, a 24-hour Emergency Department (ED) and the full range of district general hospital services including a breast care unit and renal dialysis. It has inpatient, day case and outpatient facilities.

Montagu Hospital in Mexborough (MMH)

Montagu is a small non-acute hospital with over 50 inpatient beds for people who need further rehabilitation before they can be discharged. There is a nurse-led Minor Injuries Unit, open 9am-9pm. It also has a day surgery unit, renal dialysis, a chronic pain management unit and a wide range of outpatient clinics. Montagu is the site of our Fred & Ann Green Rehabilitation Centre, Clinical Simulation Centre and the base for the Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening programme.

We are also registered to provide outpatient and other health services at Retford Hospital, including clinical therapies and medical imaging. Our site at Chequer Road Clinic in Doncaster town centre offers audiology and breast screening services.



The Medical Imaging Department


Specialty Trainees rotate through the Trust as part of the Sheffield training scheme.

We can accommodate up to 3 Specialty Radiology trainees at any one time, usually one senior trainee in Diagnostic Radiology, one  senior trainee in Interventional Radiology and a junior Trainee in Ultrasound or cross-sectional imaging.

We also offer undergraduate medical student teaching, introductory attachments in Radiology for doctors wishing to apply for specialty training and work experience attachments for non-medical students.

Our particular strengths in training are: Interventional Radiology, Cross- sectional imaging, Musculoskeletal, GI and Breast/Gynaecology Imaging.

The Medical Imaging department provides a wide range of imaging services and interventional radiology procedures.

The Trust implemented PACS in 2006 and currently we run Fuji Synapse PACS and Rogan-Delft Zillion RIS.

We have a full vascular and non-vascular consultant-provided Interventional Radiology rota and a separate consultant-provided Diagnostic Radiology rota with in-house cover until 20.30hrs and outsourced reporting 20.30-09.00hrs (18.00-09.00 weekends).

 Imaging Equipment includes:


  • 1 x Siemens Definition AS Plus 64 slice scanner

  • 1 x Siemens Aera MRI scanner

  • 1 x GE Discovery NM/CT 670

  • 2 x Siemens Artis Zee interventional suites

  • 3 digital X-ray systems and 2 x CR systems (1 of those digital systems to be installed shortly)

  • Multiple digital mobile X-ray systems

  • 16 ultrasound systems catering for women’s health, vascular, MSK and general work

  • 1 x new C-arm fluoroscopy unit (installed 2017) 


  • 1 x Siemens Sensation CT scanner

  • 1 x Siemens Magnatom Avanto MRI scanner

  • 6 x ultrasound systems catering for a range of examinations

  • 1 x Siemens Artis fluoro system

  • 1 x digital X-ray system and 2 x CR systems (digital upgrade due in 2018)


  • 6 x Siemens Inspiration breast units across 3 sites

  • X-ray imaging equipment based at Tickhill Road, South Elmsall and HMP Doncaster

  • X-ray rooms and Ultasound scanners at Montagu Hospital

 Consultant Staff:

    • Dr. Jasdev SawhneyAssistant Care Group Director & Lead Radiologist 
      Special Interest – Musculoskeletal Radiology
    • Dr Glyn WilliamsLead Interventional Radiologist
      Special Interest – 
      Vascular and Non-vascular IR, Plain film Imaging
    • Dr David Monaghan, Rota Co-ordinator
      Special Interest – Breast Imaging, Nuclear Medicine
    • Dr P Stannard,
      Special Interest – Chest, Neuroimaging and Non-vascular IR
    • Dr Quresh Yamani, 
      Special Interest – 
      Chest and Non-vascular IR
    • Dr. David Ward, Breast Screening Lead
      Special Interest – Breast Imaging, Musculoskeletal Radiology
    • Dr. Joanna Paszkiewicz, Clinical Audit and Governance Lead
      Special Interest – Breast Imaging, Musculoskeletal and Neuroimaging
    • Dr. Neelam DugarI.T. Lead
      Special Interest – ENT and Gynaecology Imaging.
    • Dr. Mathew Kaduthodil, CT Imaging Lead 
      Special Interest 
      – GI imaging, Non-vascular IR
    • Dr. Emma Craig
      Special Interest 
      – Breast Imaging, Gynaecology imaging
    • Dr. Prashanth KumarUltrasound Imaging Lead 
      Special Interest – GI Imaging, Vascular and Non-vascular IR
    • Dr. Ivor WaldronClinical tutor and Education Lead
      Special Interest – Vascular & non-vascular IR, ENT, Neuroimaging
    • Dr. Victoria Wilkinson
      Special Interest 
      – Musculoskeletal Radiology
    • Dr. Sadashiv Kamath
      Special Interest 
      – Uroradiology, Vascular and Non-vascular IR
    • Dr. Charles MerrillMR Imaging Lead
      Special Interest – Musculoskeletal Radiology
    • Dr. Judith Howard
      Special Interest 
      – GI and CT imaging, Plain Film Radiology

rotherham_photo_447x266.jpgRotherham NHS Foundation Trust Hospital

Rotherham Hospital is a modern progressive hospital with a reputation for clinical excellence and efficiency.  Situated just two miles south of Rotherham Town Centre in pleasant suburban surroundings, we are within close proximity to the M1 and M18 motorways, six miles from Sheffield and close to Doncaster. 

The hospital provides a wide range of health services to the people of Rotherham (population approximately 252,000) and an increasing number of patients from further afield.  The Accident and Emergency Department is busy providing emergency care for over 74,000 people each year.  The hospital has been a Foundation Trust since 2005 and has been recognised as one of the top performing Trusts.

Clinical Radiology Department

The Clinical Radiology Department is a friendly but busy department fit for purpose in delivering a high quality services to the hospital and community.  The department is funded for 9 Consultant Radiologists with support from over 100 staff.  Reporting radiographers undertake formal reporting of plain film and CT examinations and we have recently appointed a Consultant Radiographer.  There is a large ultrasound service including ante-natal work with the majority of the scans being undertaken and reported by the sonographers.  Over 180, 000 examinations are undertaken per year.  The department has modern up to date equipment including 2 CT scanners, a 1.5 T static MRI scanner and 8 Toshiba ultrasound machines.  There is a large busy Nuclear Medicine service with 2 dual headed Gamma Cameras, one of which has SPECT CT.  The hospital wide PACS system went live in 2009 with full desk top integration with the RIS.

We have a single 4th year ST with us at any given time and the time spent with us is programmed to specifically meet agreed objectives.  Subspecialty training is available in breast radiology, radionuclide radiology, chest and cardiac imaging, MSK imaging, GI and GU imaging as well as non-vascular intervention. The ST is encouraged to attend the monthly audit and discrepancy meetings as well as the daily MDT meetings which are housed in a dedicated MDT room where there is video conferencing facilities.

The department has had excellent feedback from radiology ST’s, many of who have come back as Consultants

Sheffield: Northern General Hospital

ngh_photo.jpgThe Northern General Hospital is the largest of our hospitals with 1100 beds.  Located to the north of the city, the hospital is spread out over a large site. Amongst the specialist services located there are orthopaedics, renal, spinal injuries, general surgery and cardiothoracic (heart and lung) services. Sheffield’s adult accident & emergency department is also based here. A major £30 million state-of-the-art new medical ward development, known as the Sir Robert Hadfield Wing, opened to patients in April 2007 and a brand new critical care facility, one of the largest in Europe, opened in 2008.

The other Trust hospitals are based closely together on a campus to the west of the city centre; this is known as the Central Campus.

Radiology Department

There are 22 consultants at the Northern General Hospital. The department is well equipped and provides a wide range of specialist imaging services including MR, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, fluoroscopy, and vascular and non-vascular intervention.

Department has one 64 slice GE XT CT scanner, one Toshiba Aquilion Genesis CT scanner, one static Siemens Avanto 1.5T MRI scanner, two fluoroscopy rooms with Philips Eleva units, six ultrasound rooms and nine Digital radiography rooms.

The main vascular radiology department is based at the Northern General Hospital and has two vascular angiography rooms with services provided by 5 consultant vascular radiologists and a vascular radiology fellow.

The nuclear medicine department houses 1 dual head gamma camera, 1 cardiac gamma camera and there is a separate PET CT centre.

The department has all modalities fully integrated into PACS and CRIS with a digital dictation facility.

Consultant Radiologists at Northern General Hospital


Special Interest

Dr. Peter Brown

Renal and Cardiac Imaging /Intervention

Dr. Matthew Bull

Cross-sectional imaging/Non-Vascular intervention

Dr. Catherine Clout


Dr. Robert Cooper

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Dr. Rebecca DeNoronha


Dr. Sarah Gowlett

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Dr. James Hampton

GIT/Hepatobiliary/Non-vascular Intervention

Dr. Adrian Highland

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Dr. Catherine Hill

Cardiothoracic Imaging

Dr. Nikhil Kotnis

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Dr. Sue Matthews

Chest/Nuclear Medicine

Dr. David Moore

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Dr. Carolyn Tweed


Dr. Ragu Vinayagam


Dr. Mark Regi

Vascular Intervention

Dr. Trevor Cleveland

Vascular Intervention

Dr. Steve Thomas

Vascular Intervention

Dr. Doug Turner

Vascular Intervention

Dr Steve Goode           

Vascular Intervention

Dr Annu Chopra

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Dr Rachel Musson

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Dr Twana Shareef


Sheffield: Royal Hallamshire Hospital

rhh_photo.jpgThe Royal Hallamshire Hospital is a major acute teaching hospital based around a tower block of 800 beds and a large outpatient department. The hospital is home to a range of expert specialist services, which include neurosciences, ENT, gynaecology, urology, breast surgery, dermatology, hearing services and ophthalmology. The hospital also has a minor injuries unit and an NHS Walk-In-Centre for emergency care. 


Radiology Department

This site has 20 consultants including 6 neuroradiologists providing services across wide range of imaging modalities. A comprehensive range of interventional radiology services are provided and this includes neuro-intervention, vascular, biliary and urological procedures.


There is one GE 64 slice Lightspeed CT scanner, one Toshiba Aquilion Prime 64 slice CT scanner, one 1.5T Siemens Avanto MRI, one Philips 1.5 T MRI scanner. There are 2 fluoroscopy rooms, both with Philips Eleva equipment in them and 2 interventional rooms, one for neuro-intervention and the other for general and vascular intervention. There are 6 ultrasound rooms, 5 digital radiography rooms and 2 Dual head gamma cameras (one with SPECT-CT capability) in a separate nuclear medicine unit.  There are 3T and 1.5T MRI scanners in the academic radiology department.


Consultant Radiologist

Special Interest

Dr. Shahram Abdi


Dr. Anthony Blakeborough


Dr. Christine Davies


Dr. Olga Hatsiopoulou


Dr. Christine Ingram


Dr. Ingrid Jolley


Dr. Fred Lee

GI/Non-vascular intervention

Dr. Eleanor Lorenz

Nuclear Medicine/Oncology

Dr. Gayle Rutherford

Nuclear Medicine/Oncology

Dr. Ferekh Salim


Dr Steve Kennish


Dr. Ruth Batty


Dr. Daniel Connolly


Dr. Stuart Coley


Dr. Tim Hodgson


Dr. Nigel Hoggard


Dr. Charles Romanowski


Dr Richard Dyde


Dr Reham Al-Mahmoud


Dr Praveen Somarajan


Sheffield: Jessop Wing

jessop_photo.jpgLinked to the Royal Hallamshire by a footbridge, the Jessop Wing is Sheffield’s 216 bed women’s hospital. Opened in February 2001 it has brought together all of the city’s obstetric, gynaecology and neonatology services in a state-of-the-art, purpose built, £24 million building. Almost 7000 births take place at the Jessop Wing each year.


The department is well staffed and equipped with are 9 ultrasound rooms to provide comprehensive obstetrics and gynaecology services. All cross sectional imaging and general US are performed across the site at RHH.

Sheffield: Weston Park Hospital

wph_photo_450x300.jpgWeston Park Hospital is one of only three purpose built specialist cancer hospitals in the UK and provides a full range of non-surgical cancer services to the population of South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and North Derbyshire. It also enjoys national and international recognition for certain specific treatments. It has 140 beds and is home to a specialist cancer research centre and one of the UK’s only teenage cancer units.

Radiology Department

Radiology services are provided by consultant radiologists from the Royal Hallamshire Hospital who come across to cover sessions at WPH. General radiology, ultrasound, CT and MRI services are available on site. Equipment includes two Philips Brilliance large bore CT scanners, one Siemens Avanto 1.5T MRI scanner, one ultrasound room and a digital radiography room.

Consultant Radiologists at WPH:

Dr Shahram Abdi


Dr Christine Ingram


Dr Gayle Rutherford

Nuclear Medicine/Oncology

Dr Ingrid Jolley


Dr Eleanor Lorenz

Nuclear Medicine/Oncology

Sheffield: Charles Clifford Dental Hospital

charlesclifford.jpgThe Charles Clifford Hospital is a dental teaching hospital linked to The University of Sheffield’s School of Clinical Dentistry. The hospital provides dental outpatient services and emergency dental services for the city.

As a teaching trust, all of the hospitals have close links to the University of Sheffield, home to Sheffield’s medical school, and Sheffield Hallam University – which provides nurse training.  It is a major teaching centre for future health professionals.

Sheffield Childrens Hospital

sch_hosp_photo_449x207.jpgThe Sheffield Children's Hospital is a “stand alone” trust which provides secondary paediatrics for the city of Sheffield and Tertiary services for South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire. The hospital is a designated paediatric regional trauma centre. There are 140 in-patient beds, and a large day care and out-patient service.

All diagnostic modalities are on-site except PET and vascular intervention. The department has recently been extended to accommodate a 3T Philips Ingenia intra-operative MRI scanner. The existing 1.5T MRI will be replaced this year. GE 64 slice CT, Philips EPIC 7, IU22, and CX50 ultrasound, Siemens Axiom Iconos fluoroscopy which is soon to be replaced with a C Arm to improve versatility, GE Infinia dual headed gamma camera, GE iDXA, and plain film CR and DR are all in the department. All modalities are dedicated to paediatric imaging. Fully integrated Agfa PACS and RIS.

There are 7 consultant radiologists, approx. 6.5 whole time equivalent, providing the radiology service, including paediatric echocardiography, with a further appointment due to be advertised. The department receives excellent support for Neuroradiology from STH and the University of Sheffield.

There are typically 4 SpRs rotating through general paediatric radiology - one 5th year, two 2nd year trainees (3-month attachment) and one 1st year (6-week attachment). There is often another 5th year trainee attached to paediatric neuroradiology.

Consultant Radiologists at Sheffield Children’s Hospital



Special interest

Dr Penny Broadley

Musculosketal Imaging

Dr David Hughes

Paediatric Intervention, Oncology, Respiratory and GI imaging

Dr Isla Lang

Musculosketal Imaging

Dr Amaka Offiah

Musculosketal Imaging (Skeletal Dysplasia and NAI)

Dr Ashok Raghavan

Paediatric Intervention, Neuroradiology, Head and Neck imaging

Dr Iwan Roberts


Dr Gillian Klafkowski

Respiratory, Oncology and GI imaging

Dr Ruth Batty (STH)


Dr Dan Connolly (STH)