Data and Workforce Planning

Data and Workforce Planning.

Health Education and Yorkshire and the Humber’s (HEE YH) Information and Workforce Planning Team are part of the overall PGMDE Quality Function. The team is responsible for a wide range of work streams which cover all aspects of PGMDE Information Management. Key areas include:

  • The development, management and analysis of the HEE YH Annual Trainee Survey. The survey opens in September each year and provides all doctors and dentists in training an opportunity to inform HEE YH about the quality of their educational programmes. This work is led by Andrea Halton and Helan Raynor.
  • Facilitation of the GMC Training Survey, key to this area of work is the quality of data. The survey pens around March time each year and it is professional responsibility of all trainees to complete this survey each year. Helan Raynor leads this area of the team’s work.
  • Establishment and Disestablishment of training grade posts and Training Numbers. Kay Appleyard leads this area of the team’s work. Further information about approval of newly established posts can be found under Quality Management.
  • Management of the Dean’s Database (Intrepid) and data quality associated with this work. All team members are responsible for this area of work and liaise closely with our Schools and Trusts to ensure data is fit for purpose, up to date and users are appropriately trained. Alongside this work is the implementation of Intrepid Version 10.
  • National data returns to the Department of Health, Health Education England and our regulator is another key area of work undertaken by the team. This work is led by Kay Appleyard and includes the submission of key annual returns such as the ARCP Annual Report to the GMC and the ‘Stocktake’ Report which is an analysis of our posts.
  • Production of information to support the quality management process, this work is led by Andrea Halton.
  • Working along-side our Programme Support colleagues and LEPs to ensure that new starter and rotational information is recorded appropriately, using the ESR interface to transfer information to our LEPs as appropriate. 
Our Database (Intrepid)
What is Intrepid?

Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber (HEE YH) have been using the Intrepid database for several years. Intrepid is a software package developed by Hicom, further information about Hicom and the other work they are involved in can be found in the link below. The system enables our users to record training and education events such as assessments, career progression and educational activities for all junior doctors and dentists in training. It is a secure online system which enables the database to be accessed remotely.

The future of Intrepid – Version 10 (V10)

We are pleased to announce that the development of V10 is well underway. V10 represents the evolution of Intrepid into a modern, user friendly, web based, modular system. The team continues to play a major part in the design of V10, are members of the National Data Group who are heavily involved in the design and testing of this new package. HEE YH has developed a full timeline for the implementation of the new system and is aiming for a roll out of the package in August 2015.

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