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Do I have to do my portfolio online

Yes. You must use the Royal College of Ophthalmologists eportfolio. For new ST1s, the college should contact you with details for first login.

What if I am having difficulties with the consultant I work for?

It’s very important that if you do experience difficulties you talk to someone about it. In South Yorkshire the Educational Supervisor would be the most appropriate person to contact first. In the other localities your College Tutor would be able to provide you with support. If you feel that your concerns have not been addressed, then you can contact your Training Programme Director and discuss your concerns.  

Is there formal guidance for ARCP?

View ARCP Guidance page.

Do I need to complete a form R?

There is now guidance available for trainees. 

Do I need to attend all of the study days?

The study days are compulsory for the levels specified. You must now register for every relevant study day using the 'Register' link found on each course 'Details' page. Please complete this form in full and return to Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber well in advance of the study day.

If you are unable to attend for any valid reason, you must inform Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber using the 'Non-attendance form' link found on the relevant course 'Details' page. On-call commitments do not count as valid reasons for non-attendance. Annual leave should be avoided if you are aware of clashes with a study day; however, pre-booked, unchangable annual leave can be counted as a valid reason for non-attendance.

Can I claim for travel and accomodation expenses

Yes. Excess travel expenses and reimbursement of relocation expenses are the responsibility of your employing NHS Trust. We recommend contacting the HR department in advance of travel or relocation.

When should I complete the Multi-source Feedback (MSF) assessment?

Generally the MSF should be completed 6-8 weeks before your Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP). This gives time for any issues to be resolved well in advance of ARCP.

What document will the College want to receive after an Annual Review of Comptence Progression (ARCP?)

Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber will send the College a copy of your ARCP outcome document.

How do trainees progress through Opthalmology Specialist Training?

Trainees need to satisfactorily complete all the required Learning Outcomes for each stage of training. Whilst WBAs are very important they are not the sole method of judging progress. There must be triangulation of evidence of satisfactory progress. The decision on whether a trainee is at a suitable level of competence to progress to next stage of training (whether already in run-through or applying from an FTSTA post into a run-through post) is taken by the ARCP panel. The Gold Guide indicates the sort of evidence to be considered (section 7.40) which includes:

Portfolio and logbook
Critical incidents
Educational Supervisors' report

The RCOphth gives a checklist for ARCPs in the Curriculum for OST.