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Trainees on Parental Leave

The birth or adoption of a child is one of the most important events in the lives of many postgraduate doctors and dentists in training. NHS England Yorkshire and Humber therefore wish to support postgraduate doctors and dentists in training during this time.

The management of the processes around your rights and entitlement to maternity, paternity and adoption leave rests with your employer and not with NHS England. However, SuppoRTT offer a range of resources that can support you with your return to training following a period of parental leave.

KIT and SPLIT Days 

Please note that the following information is provided for guidance, you should refer to the processes for your Lead Employer when applying for KIT and SPLIT days. 

Keeping in touch (KIT) days are designated for those on maternity and adoption leave. Shared parental leave in touch (SPLIT) days are designated for those who are on shared parental leave.

For information relating to the difference between KIT and SPLIT days and how they can be used, please see our KIT and SPLIT day guidance.

Less Than Full Time Training 

When you return from a period of parental leave, you may need to request a change to contracted working hours so that you can balance your caring responsibilities. You can request to reduce your full-time equivalency through the Less Than Full Time Training application process and procedure. We strongly recommend that you read the guidance in full and discuss any application with your educational supervisor / training programme director as part of your Initial Return meeting, which is part of the SuppoRTT process

Essential Skills for Medic Mums 

As part of the SuppoRTT programme, we have procured a training course designed to introduce Mums to tools that can help prevent overwhelm and burnout, find balance in the transition to motherhood and enhance your confidence. Further information about this course and dates of when it is next running can be found on our courses and events page.

The course facilitiators are also in the process of developing an iteration of this course with specific tools to support new fathers, which we hope to offer in the future. 

Additional Resources  

As part of your preparations for returning to work, you may find the following resources helpful:

Your trust may also have specific policies that are applicable to you, for example, a local breastfeeding policy.