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Yorkshire and Humber

Courses for IMGs

The following courses are available to International Medical Graduates.

Yorkshire and Humber offer a suite of courses as part of the Supported Return to Training Programme (SuppoRTT), some of which are also useful for IMGs in supporting your integration into the NHS workforce and UK Healthcare System. You can attend any of these courses within the first six months of working within the NHS. See the course catalogue below for the courses aimed specifically at IMG's, and the general SuppoRTT courses are also included at the end of this catalogue.

All courses can be booked via the Professional Support Maxcourse booking site, unless otherwise stated. To be able to book a course on Maxcourse, you will need to create an account. When your account is created, you will need to update your ‘Professions’ within the Account Details page, and ensure one of your professions is set to ‘International Medical Graduate’. Without doing this, you will be unable to book a place on these courses. 

Once you have created your account, you will be able to find the upcoming sessions for your chosen course/s by searching the below course title/s in the Maxcourse search bar.

Please note: if you wish to attend any of these courses and they will conflict with your rota, you must apply for study leave well in advance of the course.

SuppoRTT IMG Course Catalogue

Thriving in UK Practice for International Medical Graduates

This GMC workshop for IMGs in Yorkshire and Humber will provide you with an opportunity to connect with other IMGs and share experiences, discuss case studies to enhance your practice and identify resources that can support you throughout your career in the NHS. 

The event will be held virtually, on Microsoft Teams, on Wednesday 18 September 2024 from 9.00am to 12.00pm (UK Time). 

You can book your place at the workshop via the Learner Support and Faculty Development Maxcourse site.

Please remember: one of your professions must be set to ‘International Medical Graduate’ or you will be unable to book a place at the induction.