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Resources and Courses for Supervisors

An Introduction to SuppoRTT

This e-learning module has been developed specifically for Trainers and Supervisors. 

Content includes:

  • Introduction to SuppoRTT
  • Trainee Concerns
  • SuppoRTT Process for Supervisors
  • Resources including KIT/SPLIT, Mentoring and Courses

Building a SuppoRTTive Culture 

This e-learning module is for all NHS staff, whether clinical or non-clinical, because every individual within the healthcare system has a role to play in building a positive, supportive culture, both for returning trainees and the wider NHS.

The course explores the significance of organisational culture in shaping the experience of trainees returning to work, and in creating an NHS that is safe for the patients it serves, and in which its staff can thrive. 

We hope that all colleagues across the Yorkshire and Humber Region will join us in building a more SuppoRTTive culture for our postgraduate doctors and dentists in training.

NHSE YH SuppoRTT Courses for Supervisors

Our Faculty Development Course Catalogue lists all the courses we currently provide for Educators / Supervisors. This includes a range of courses that will provide you with the skills and tools to successfully support your Trainee's return to training. You can find a full calendar of courses, including direct booking links, at the bottom of this page.

Guidance on the SuppoRTT Process

There are three meetings that should take place as part of the SuppoRTT process: an absence planning meeting, an initial return meeting and a review meeting. Forms should be completed at each of these meetings to document the discussions had and confirm the support/training needs of the trainee. A full overview of the process to be followed and links to the forms can be found on our Forms and Guidance webpage.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has created a list of questions that can be used to help frame the conversations that should take place at each of the three meetings, which you may find to be a useful reference in shaping conversations with your Trainee. These questions can be found in the appendices of the SuppoRTT Guidance.

The below video links provide a personal account of some of the issues and concerns raised during Supported Return to Training and provide an example for how each SuppoRTT meeting can take place.

Pre Absence / Absence Planning Plan








Initial Return to Training Meeting








Return Review Meeting








Back in Orbit 

The School of Ophthalmology recognises the specific challenges faced by Trainees when returning to work after time out (e.g., parental leave, sick leave, career break, or OOP). Guided by the findings of a regional survey in 2020 of current and former trainees who have experience of this, they have developed a toolkit of resources for educational supervisors, college tutors and returning doctors to aid re-integration into training following time away.

SuppoRTT Champions Newsletter 

The SuppoRTT Champions newsletter is intended only for our dedicated SuppoRTT Champions.