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Educational Supervisor

An Educational Supervisor (ES) will be assigned to you at the beginning of IMT1 and each will supervise you for 12 months. It is likely they will be one of the Consultants who will supervise your clinical work in the first post of each year.

Your ES will be given access to your e-portfolio and you will be able to check who your ES is by checking your e-portfolio. If the ES attached to you at the beginning of the year is no
longer able to undertake this role you should discuss this with your RCP Tutor immediately, so that another ES can be allocated. You should meet with your ES within a couple of weeks of starting IM1 and thereafter at a minimum frequency of 4 months; they will sign your educational agreement, help you plan your training, help sign off IMT competencies and will write the Educational Supervisor report before any assessment of your progress. You must give your Educational Supervisor a list of four named Consultants who will write your Multiple Consultant Reports (MCR) during the year. At least 4 MCRs are required each year, before your ARCP, to inform the Educational Supervisor Report. An ES report is mandatory before ARCP and should be submitted 1 month before ARCP and should report on the whole of the training year. An ES report is not mandatory for each post but may be desirable to help you monitor your progress with the IMT curriculum.

As a general gude, the Educational Supervisor usually has half an hour per week per trainee allocated to the ES role.

Clinical Supervisor

You will have a Clinical Supervisor for each post who will undertake induction to the post, supervise and appraise your clinical work within the post and also have access to your E-portfolio in order to sign off IMT competencies whilst you are in the post.

Since Consultant’s work patterns change from month to month, if the appointed supervisor is changed at any point in your training, you will need to let the IMT Programme Coordinator have the details of your Clinical Supervisor, so they can be given access to your e-portfolio.

Preparing for Meetings

Prior to meeting with your supervisors it's recommended that you have both your self-assessment of curriculum competencies and personal development plan
documents up to date.

For advise on completing self-assessments, see the ePortfolio tab on the left side.

Remember, your supervisors aren't just there to complete assessments and sign off your portfolio. If you have any concerns about training, the programme in general, career guidance or feel you need pastoral support they're a good point of first contact and should be able to direct you to the right people if unable to help with queries themselves.

Personal Development Plans (PDPs)

This can be accessed via the "appraisal" menu of the ePortfolio. As the name implies, they should be personal to you and can (but don't have to) map to curriculum items. They should be updated at the start of each post and reviewed with your supervisor at meetings to see if there are specific areas you both feel should be addressed in that post such as opportunities only available with that department.

Your learning objectives should be "SMART" (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and against a Time Scale).

There's no requirement on any given number but it would be expected that you always have a few points "live" at any given time throughout your career.

Schedule of Meetings

Initial Appraisal

This should ideally be within the first 2 weeks of starting your placement. Your supervisor needs to record the details via the 'appraisal' menu. Your educational agreement should be signed electronically by trainee and supervisor.

Mid-point Meeting

This is done by your supervisor in the same way as the initial meeting. It is not compulsory to have this meeting, but essential if either you and/or your supervisor have any concerns.

End of Placement Meeting

This is done by your supervisor and completed on the supervisor login. This meeting serves to link everything together. Any paper based certificates may be verified and the Curriculum reviewed. Your supervisor will complete the appraisal of the evidence you present in your e-portfolio to support competencies achieved during the attachment and appraise
the curriculum areas (not achieved, some experience or level 1 or level 2 competent).

Educational Supervisors Report

This is completed by your ES through the Supervisor’s login and is compulsory prior to ARCP. The report should cover the entire training period from beginning of training year up to ARCP date and you need to have 4 multi-consultant reports (MCRs) done prior to this being completed which will inform the report. Your ES cannot count as one of these 4.