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CMT Online Induction - Assessment - Part 2

Multi-Source Feedback (MSF)




Multiple Consultant Report (MCR)



You’re required to get 4 MCRs done in each year of training. Importantly this cannot include your educational supervisor but can, and is expected to include, your clinical supervisor.

Acute Care Assessment Tool (ACAT)



The August 2017 decision aid requires 4 consultant ACATs in each year of training. As such, although you may still (and are encouraged to) get StRs to complete them for you, these don't count towards minimum numbers. 

An individual ACAT can be linked to up to eight different curriculum items.

Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP)



Other Assessments



You’ll note from your ARCP decision aid that you need to do one quality improvement project per year and that you have to complete a QIPAT at the end of each of these with your project supervisor – uploading a presentation alone isn’t adequate evidence.