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Expense claims are managed by each Trust directly, please contact your Medical HR or Medical Staffing Department to inquire about thier policies.


South Yorkshire Specific Guidance

All South Yorkshire trainees claim their expenses via the STH e-expenses system at

To register, please send details of your full name, payroll assignment no., department and work email address to

Adding Expenses

All expense items are added through the Add / Edit Expense page accessed by clicking Add New Expenses from the Welcome page.

It is imperitive that the Type of Expenses box is completed to ensure your claim reaches the correct approver. Use "M&D Junior Grade".

If you wish to make a claim for an item that is not listed in your My Expense Items menu please contact your administrator by emailing

Current Claims Screen

At this point you can still edit or delete these items, you can add claim items from different days, visits or activities to the same claim form before you submit it for reimbursement. The add/edit Expenses page can be accessed either from the Add New Expenses menu button on the Welcome page or from the Current Claims page.  You can click Add item from the page options menu on the left hand side.

How to attach a receipt using a scanner

Welcome page, clicking My Claims, then click Current Claims.  If you only have one claim you will automatically be presented with it.  Alternatively select the claim form you like to submit from the list provided, this will direct you to the Receipt Management page, click the Expense item Header for the expense item that you want to upload a receipt to, Hovering over teh Receipt Area (grey box under the Expense Item Header) will display the Attach Receipt icon.

Click the Attach Receipt icon which will open a window where you can select the receipt image from your local network/computer.

Double click the receipt image that you want to attach. The image will appear in the Receipt Area below the Expense Item Header.

To upload additional receipts to other expense items, repeat the above steps as required

Expenses360 on your mobile

For registered users of e-Expenses:

Available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones from your app store.

Add travel expenses whilst on the move and use your device’s camera to capture receipts. A simple ‘sync’ to your on-line Expenses account will have them ready for you to submit when you next log-in

The following amounts must also be adhered to for all study leave claims:

  • Hotel Accommodation (outside London) £55
  • Hotel Accommodation (London) £80
  • £25.00 per night if staying with friends or relatives, this includes meals, receipt not required.
  • £5.00 Lunch, receipts required.
  • £15.00 Evening Meal, receipts required.
  • Road Travel is 0.24p per mile