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You may find our induction video on the MRCP examination helpful:



In order to complete core medical training, it is necessary for you to have successfully completed your MRCP exams (Part 1, Part 2 written and PACES Clinical). Each MRCP exam runs 3 times a year and Part 1 must be completed before progressing to Part 2. But you can take Part 2 and PACES in any order of your choice. It is expected that trainees commencing internal medicine training will have given some thought as to how to approach completion of their MRCP exam components. Most consultants and senior StRs in your Trusts are generally very approachable and happy to help local informal MRCP teaching. We all understand that in spite of one’s best efforts it is not always possible to pass every exam first time. If you are not successful with any part of your MRCP exams please feel free to contact the TPD, RCP Tutor, either of the associate RCP tutors or the local IMT representative for advice or support. It is wise to seek support early if you face with difficulty passing exams. You should consider scheduling an educational meeting with your educational supervisor after each examination you sit.


PACES preparation is supported locally in two formats: A formal 2-day PACES course and an informal beside teaching programme.

Trainees get the most out of the course if they approach it as a mock examination and are sufficiently prepared for this.

For more information about this year's course, which is being held on 8th and 9th June 2019, please click here.

Important points to remember

  • These are mandatory for career progression.
  • Maintain a ‘steady momentum in your revision’ (avoid long gaps e.g. weeks, months, years) this will help you to grasp concepts, embed knowledge and improve recall and application during what is often a stressful exam environment.
  • For MRCP Part 1 and Part 2 Written: the more questions you do the better.
  • For MRCP PACES: practice, practice, practice!
  • Lastly, please do not be demoralised: get in touch with us - the earlier the better; this will help you succeed.